29 January 2018

Aila is 4.5

Aila is such a fun loving little girl!

We went to Hawaii last Christmas and she was great on the plane and great while traveling around Oahu. She Loved her time over there and going to the beach and playing in the sand. She also liked to collect shells with Reia and would be so excited to show me their haul.

She was so excited to go over and see you Aunties, Uncles, and Grandparents. She was also excited about getting lots of presents at Christmas haha.

Last year she started school and at first she was a bit shy and didn't understand a whole lot of Japanese, but now her Japanese has just sky rocketed and she is doing awesome! She can understand so much more than when Reia was her age and I think it is thanks to having an older sister to play with. She has made some really good friends at school too. I went to her Parent Teacher interview last week and her teacher said that Aila is super good friends with Mirei chan. They are so close that they do everything together. They go to the toilet together, play together, and are always in their own little world. Her teacher said that because they are glued to the hip all the time, they are so slow to do things. They're bathroom break is so long because they just play all the time. She went on to say that while it is good to have friends, and it might be a little early to say this but she wants Aila to be a bit more independent and to learn to do things by herself, and I agree. 

When I try to give Aila responsibilities like cleaning up the toys, she will come up with so many excuses but her favs are "My tummy hurts" or "Uggghhh, I'm so sleepy." She will then watch Reia do all the cleaning lol.

She can be very clingy sometimes and just wants to hug all the time and she is very touchy feely and will kiss or lick you.

When I tell Taiki off, he will run to Aila because he knows that she will cuddle and comfort him.

She has come out her skirt phase and is ok with pants now. She still prefers skirts though.

She can eat her veges, no problem. She has more trouble with proteins like meat and beans.

We cut her hair! Her hair was down to her bum and was getting knotty all the time and it was such a hassle to untangle. I struggled with cutting it for ages just because her hair was so thick and pretty! But after when got back from Hawaii and i got lots of pics with her with her long hair, we cut it off up to her shoulders and it is sooo much easier to manage!

She whines and complains and tries to beat Reia at everything. She is always competing and trying to win at everything.

She LOVES Lego and can spend hours playing with it. I avoided letting her play with Lego for ages because the small pieces were dangerous around Taiki. But now that he is old enough, I have brought out the Lego and have let them go to town. Aila and Reia also got some new Moana Lego sets for  Christmas from Opa and Aunty Laura and Uncle Diego.

She has really grown and can fit the same clothes as Reia and is almost the same shoe size. Keeping up with her growth spurts it hard work!

She gets so much enthusiasm to do something if you are praising her and making her feel special. I hope she learns how to do things for her own self gratification!

She gets embarrassed really easily and will get angry if she sees me looking at her dancing around like I have intruded in her personal space. After a while though, she will gain a bit of confidence and will tell me "You can look now!"

She (and Reia and Taiki) gives her Daddy an energy squeeze every morning before he leaves for work. She is always the most enthusiastic to give him some energy for the day.

When she was performing at her Sports Day event with her class, one of her friends had said something negative like, "that's not right" or something and it completely through her off and she lost all desire to dance. So she just sulked there half dancing for the entire song. Once somebody says anything negative about her, she will fall into a deep depression that can only be shook by time, something funny, or lollies.

She always tucks her toys in at night and is very adamant that they get their own pillow and blankets. 

She is a hard one to navigate emotionally sometimes, but for the most part, she is always happy. Her laugh is so cute and infectious. She has a big heart and loves to give hugs and receive hugs.

She is growing up and will soon be 5!

Love you, Aila x

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