24 February 2017

Taiki is 10 Months

He is a fast little crawler now and darts from here to there, grabbing everything he can get his chubby hands on. He has learnt how to slowly walk around the table by holding on and doing a lean-and-slide kind of motion.

He used to stand and cry because he wouldn't know how to sit back down, but he mastered that in about a week. He now fearlessly lets go of the table, bends his knees and drops to the floor.

He is becoming a handful now! We are constantly trying to keep things away from him or him away from things like shelves etc.

When I prop him up by my shoulder to burp him, he never lies on my shoulder or snuggles or completely leans on me anymore when he falls asleep because he is busy sucking his thumb. Reia and Aila both did it and it was one of my favourite moments of raising a baby! I was reminded how much I missed it because this morning, he leant on my shoulder! It's been a long time so it was a precious moment for me :)

He can stand for long periods at a time now! He gets so proud of himself and starts making noises for me to notice him. He will stand, but when I stick my arms out for him to come to me, he just leans and fall in my direction lol. He's getting there. Aunty Ericca said when she comes over in a couple of weeks, she wants to train him to walk. Like intense training hahaha.

Him and Aila probably spend the most time together so Taiki always gets excited when he sees her. He usually flaps his arms and kicks his legs when ever he gets really excited. 

He is learning when to not do something when I say "uh-uh!" When I say it, he will pause and look at me with a smile on his face and kind of feel out the situation. If I crack a smile then he thinks everything is fine. But if I keep a straight face, he gets a bit worried and his smile soon fades. While I am trying to train him, Aila always blurts out in laughter and changes the situation in to a funny one which undoes everything! 

His skin has gotten SO dry and scaly this winter. It was so bad on his right arm, scabs had developed. He doesn't have the coordination to scratch yet so I can only imagine how itchy he must feel. I took his to the doctor and he said that it wasn't eczema (which is what I was afraid of) but just dry dermatitis. So now I have some creams to put on him and I can already see the difference.

He likes pulling out books, tissues, clothes from draws and toys from boxes. Taking all the toys out of the toy box seems to be more fun than actually playing with the toys.

He still sucks his thumb and I am nervous about how to wean him. 

He is mostly on formula and I supplement with breastmilk. It is handy to still have breastmilk for when he wakes up at night and I can put him back to bed quickly without having to get up out of bed to make formula.

He is so quiet sometimes, I forget that he is there! lol It is always weird to suddenly remember that I have another child in the picture.

His hair has gotten so long and is always getting in his eyes. People say all the time that he looks like a girl. Even though he is wearing really boyish clothes, strangers always have a hard time telling is he is a boy or a girl. He looks exactly like Reia when she was a baby. I think he will look so handsome with short hair! I love his long hair too though <3

I love my boy! 

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