25 January 2017

Taiki is 9 Months

I didn't even notice that another month had gone by until I checked my email and got my monthly updates from babycenter.com! But he is another month older and another step closer to tearing this house apart! 

Here is what he got up to this month:

He started crawling!!! He saw a new packet of wipes one day and all of a sudden started going for it. He was slow but determined to get it even if I was slowly pulling it further away from him lol.

He can pull himself up to stand using the coffee table. Up until now, he has only been able to pull himself up on to his knees. He struggles getting up, but once he is on his feet, he is all smiles :)

He eats so much nowww. He just keeps going and going and once he is full, it only takes him like an hour to want something again.

He naps twice a day at 11am and 2pm.

He loves going out side and will thrash his little legs around in excitement. He also gives a good leg kicking when he knows it's bath time. He loves the water and whimpers when it's time to get out.

His front teeth are coming down and one is almost completely out. He doesn't drool as much as he used to but now bites on everything. Because he sucks his thumb, his little thumb gets a bit red from rubbing on his bottom teeth.

His hair is pretty long on top now that it gets in his eyes. I don't want to cut it yet. I guess I have a thing about a baby's first hair cut and am saving that moment for when he turns one. So for now, I am just tying it up in a little top knot to keep it out of the way.

He isn't that constipated anymore. He still needs some help every now and then, but he can push by himself now which is good. I think it must be all the crawling and moving around.

He loooooves playing under the blankets still and playing peekaboo! His timing is pretty good that as soon as it lands on his face, he can flick it off him so I hardly have any time to say 
いないいない (inai inai)。。。 I go straight to バー!(bah!) lol

He wakes up about 3-6 times during the night but is good at soothing himself which is helpful. I am dreading the day when I need to wean him off the boob AND his thumb!

Aila doesn't help much with the cleaning, but she does help out with Taiki! She likes to make him laugh and give him toys which is very helpful when he is fussy and I need a moment to do something.

Reia is always toting him around and likes to zhoosh him up and down to keep him calm.

He is little cutie and more of his personality is starting to shine through. 
Love you, Taiki boy x 

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