01 January 2017

Taiki at 8 Months

Another tooth has popped through!

He has so much hair, I don't know what to do. It's looking a bit wild and wispy at the moment, but I am curious to see what it looks like grown out a little bit more. I'll try to last until he's one before I get it cut.

He can sit up all by himself now without much need to worry. He does occasionally still topple over... but he has gotten quite good now at keeping upright. All he needs to do now is go from lying down to sitting up all by himself.

He has started trying to reach things on the coffee table and will get vertical to get it! He can use the table to prop himself up on to his knees to grab things. He loves to stand while holding on to the table as well but cannot stand without support yet. He can crawl BACKWARDS by pushing with his hands but will often get stuck behind or under things.

He experienced his first Christmas! We spent the Christmas and New Years down in Osaka this time and Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus were very behind at getting the presents ready lol. We bought our presents the day before and Jun wanted them to wake up to presents by their beds so we got that ready. The girls woke up and their eyes lit up after they saw one present sitting by their head rest. The tore it open (it was Aqua Beads) and ran upstairs to look for the rest! lol We were planning on opening the rest after church, but after they got started, there was no stopping them! lol They tore them all open, even Taiki's and seemed satisfied after they were all open. Taiki slept through the whole thing. He was a little bit sick so we just let him sleep. He did wake up to get ready for church though and I was able to take a few snaps.

His appetite has grown and he loves to eat mashed sweet potatoes and fruit. He has got a thing for sweet stuff already! Gotta supplement with formula now as my supply has dwindled after getting really sick for a few weeks.

He was the only one that stayed up until midnight to welcome in the New Year! His sisters crashed a couple hours beforehand, but I got to steal a kiss from him when the clock struck 12.

I need to watch out that he doesn't put small things into his mouth now. He can get around and pick up small things off the floor or paper and naw away at it.

He is still so smiley and loves to be held by almost anyone!

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