25 January 2017

Aila is 3 and a Half

Aila is the funniest little character! She is quirky and imaginative, she loves role playing, she loves cuddles and kisses, her soft toys are her favs, and most of all, she loves to sing!

She can do up her own buttons! One day she just came to me after getting dressed into her pyjamas and showed me how she did up her buttons all by herself! No instruction needed.

She is sooo up and down all day, everyday. The tiniest things can set her off. She isn't that good at learning from her mistakes either. She will spill her cup by holding is clumsily, and do it again, and again throughout the day. Drives me nuts!

She will always linger in the bathroom after washing her hands and just play with the water and soap. That drives me nuts too lol! Wastes all the soap! But now, I just fill up he sink a little and let her play with the cups. She stays in there for ages!

She loves making Taiki laugh by making silly faces or playing with toys.

She is a ball of emotions, imagination, and playfulness.

She has a great singing voice and will sing all day! Lately she has been into the Moana soundtrack and knows all the words and quips in between. She will often tell me that I am singing it wrong and it sing it like this.

She does not like to wear pants, even when it is freezing outside. She still likes to squeeze into the fairy costume that's made for a one year old.  She has accepted now though that she cannot go outside in the cold if she is wearing that with her undies half hanging out lol. She will promptly go put on some pants to go pick up Reia from the bus stop.

She is very creative and loves to make Aqua Beads creations for hours. She also likes to give her creations names! Some are Squibbly, Snibbly, and Creamy. We have run out of most of the beads so she has figured out to make them in the same shapes and just change the colours. It is very good for her to learn how to concentrate on one thing and also for her fine motor skills and she is still a bit clumsy.

It takes her so long to go to bed. Sometimes she zonks out early at around 6pm, but most times, whether she takes a nap or not, she is up until 11pm or later just chatting and rolling around on the beds. I have to send Reia to bed first and by herself so that Aila doesn't keep her up! Once Reia and Taiki are both asleep, then  can send Aila to bed and she gets bored and falls asleep about 15 minutes later. 

If she starts running, you can guarantee that she will fall over and hurt herself. She does it all.the.time. She has inherited my skyscraper-of-a-big-toe and will sometimes just be walking normally and will just all of a sudden trip over herself!

She can make any toy look exciting! She plays with anything she can get her hands on and comes up with names and stories and always entices other kids to her play. If she has no toys, she will simply play with her fingers! She has dubbed her pointer finger, Mr. Finger. He's quite the gent.

She can now walk to the big park near our house and back! Great practice for when she starts going to kindy! I hope that she doesn't cry and make a big scene once she starts going... but that may be wishful thinking. She is very vocal about her feelings and will tell me if she feels a certain way!

When she knows she has done something wrong, she will usually lie and tell me that it wasn't her or she hasn't done anything. But recently, I have started telling her that she needs to tell me and that I won't be mad if she tells me the truth. So now when she has done something she will exclaim with a squeaky voice, "It was meeeee!"

Her skin keeps flaring up in different places. We got some medicine for her to drink which seemed to be quite effective, but it doesn't cure the problem. She is always breaking out in rashes and spots and itches constantly. The doctors say it isn't eczema which makes it harder to treat. It's nameless at the moment and is really affecting her body and makes her irritable, especially in the middle of the night.

Her Japanese is getting better little by little. She sometimes stutters in English and it takes her a while to form certain words or a sentence, so speaking in Japanese is even more challenging sometimes. She surprises me though sometimes, and will say pretty good Japanese to kids her age while they are playing! It's usually something like, "Watashi oni janai yo!" lol She doesn't like to chase other people and get's even more scared if others are chasing her.

She is very into puzzles now and does her Frozen one over and over again. Once she is done, she likes to take a big bow! lol

She is an amazing little girl who teaches me about patience and living in the moment. I am trying to enjoy these last couple months of being at home with her before she shoots off to school!

Love you, Aila x 

Taiki is 9 Months

I didn't even notice that another month had gone by until I checked my email and got my monthly updates from babycenter.com! But he is another month older and another step closer to tearing this house apart! 

Here is what he got up to this month:

He started crawling!!! He saw a new packet of wipes one day and all of a sudden started going for it. He was slow but determined to get it even if I was slowly pulling it further away from him lol.

He can pull himself up to stand using the coffee table. Up until now, he has only been able to pull himself up on to his knees. He struggles getting up, but once he is on his feet, he is all smiles :)

He eats so much nowww. He just keeps going and going and once he is full, it only takes him like an hour to want something again.

He naps twice a day at 11am and 2pm.

He loves going out side and will thrash his little legs around in excitement. He also gives a good leg kicking when he knows it's bath time. He loves the water and whimpers when it's time to get out.

His front teeth are coming down and one is almost completely out. He doesn't drool as much as he used to but now bites on everything. Because he sucks his thumb, his little thumb gets a bit red from rubbing on his bottom teeth.

His hair is pretty long on top now that it gets in his eyes. I don't want to cut it yet. I guess I have a thing about a baby's first hair cut and am saving that moment for when he turns one. So for now, I am just tying it up in a little top knot to keep it out of the way.

He isn't that constipated anymore. He still needs some help every now and then, but he can push by himself now which is good. I think it must be all the crawling and moving around.

He loooooves playing under the blankets still and playing peekaboo! His timing is pretty good that as soon as it lands on his face, he can flick it off him so I hardly have any time to say 
いないいない (inai inai)。。。 I go straight to バー!(bah!) lol

He wakes up about 3-6 times during the night but is good at soothing himself which is helpful. I am dreading the day when I need to wean him off the boob AND his thumb!

Aila doesn't help much with the cleaning, but she does help out with Taiki! She likes to make him laugh and give him toys which is very helpful when he is fussy and I need a moment to do something.

Reia is always toting him around and likes to zhoosh him up and down to keep him calm.

He is little cutie and more of his personality is starting to shine through. 
Love you, Taiki boy x 

01 January 2017

Taiki at 8 Months

Another tooth has popped through!

He has so much hair, I don't know what to do. It's looking a bit wild and wispy at the moment, but I am curious to see what it looks like grown out a little bit more. I'll try to last until he's one before I get it cut.

He can sit up all by himself now without much need to worry. He does occasionally still topple over... but he has gotten quite good now at keeping upright. All he needs to do now is go from lying down to sitting up all by himself.

He has started trying to reach things on the coffee table and will get vertical to get it! He can use the table to prop himself up on to his knees to grab things. He loves to stand while holding on to the table as well but cannot stand without support yet. He can crawl BACKWARDS by pushing with his hands but will often get stuck behind or under things.

He experienced his first Christmas! We spent the Christmas and New Years down in Osaka this time and Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus were very behind at getting the presents ready lol. We bought our presents the day before and Jun wanted them to wake up to presents by their beds so we got that ready. The girls woke up and their eyes lit up after they saw one present sitting by their head rest. The tore it open (it was Aqua Beads) and ran upstairs to look for the rest! lol We were planning on opening the rest after church, but after they got started, there was no stopping them! lol They tore them all open, even Taiki's and seemed satisfied after they were all open. Taiki slept through the whole thing. He was a little bit sick so we just let him sleep. He did wake up to get ready for church though and I was able to take a few snaps.

His appetite has grown and he loves to eat mashed sweet potatoes and fruit. He has got a thing for sweet stuff already! Gotta supplement with formula now as my supply has dwindled after getting really sick for a few weeks.

He was the only one that stayed up until midnight to welcome in the New Year! His sisters crashed a couple hours beforehand, but I got to steal a kiss from him when the clock struck 12.

I need to watch out that he doesn't put small things into his mouth now. He can get around and pick up small things off the floor or paper and naw away at it.

He is still so smiley and loves to be held by almost anyone!