07 December 2016

Shichigosan 2016 for Aila!

This year, Aila turned 3 which means SHICHIGOSAN PICS! 

We went back to Laquan in Kichijoji because the quality of their pics, costumes, hair and makeup, and studio is just amazing. On the way to the studio, Aila said she wanted to wear a purple kimono, but once we got there, all she could think about was playing with the toys in the play area. She shouted out "Blue!" and then ran away to the toys lol. So blue it was! Reia chose a blue kimono to match, and the only kimono they had in my size happened to be blue too! So that naturally became the theme.

Aila was a bit shy at first and didn't want to be by herself in front of the camera, but she soon forgot about that once the cameraman started pulling out toys to make her laugh! She got right into it and we got some GORGEOUS shots! I'm so happy with the way they turned out! 

Taiki fell asleep right before we went upstairs to shoot, so we were a bit worried, but we let him sleep for about 15 minutes and after that, he had enough energy and smiles to get a few good shots.

The girls looked so stunning. Aila was the cutest kid ever and Reia looked so grown up! I walked in while she was getting dressed into her yellow gown and putting her jewellery on and it immediately conjured up images of her getting ready for her wedding, standing in front of a mirror and looking oh so gorgeous! Aila's cheeky grins and quirkiness can really be felt in the pictures. They absolutely capture exactly what my girls are like! Fun, silly, playful, shy, CHEEKY and happy. 

The next pics we take will be when Reia turns 7!
Until then ;)

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