26 November 2016

Taiki at 7 Months

Our little boy is past the 6 month mark and is making his way towards 1 year. Time is going by so fast, I can't believe it! 

Developments so far:

He can sit by himself now. He still topples over to the sides of the front, but for the most part, can sit up straight.

He is slowly learning how to grasp onto things. He still smacks and thumps things when he is excited or is trying to explore things.

He is a lot hungrier now so I need to supplement with formula and also give him his solids.

I can't give him a lot of solid food though because he gets constipated really easily, so I usually feed him solids, then wait a couple days for that to come out before giving him more so that he doesn't get blocked up.

His first tooth has cut through! Finally, all the drooling amounts to something! lol He had a fever one night and was screaming at about 2am. We tried everything to calm him down but nothing was working and he didn't go back down until about 5am. It wasn't until we were at church that day that I felt his gums and sure enough, the tip of a tiny tooth had popped through. Must have been painful because the poor thing was crying so much!

He can't crawl yet, but he can lift himself off the floor with his arms in a poised position. He can also pivot and swirl and roll around on the floor to where he wants to go.

He stares at people when they eat. Without blinking O_O

He developed a little rash on his cheek when his tooth popped out so his left cheek is a bit scaly.

It snowed today! His first snow! He wasn't quite sure what he was looking at, but he liked it. It snowed for about 12 hours straight, but we didn't get to take pics because most of it melted. Hope to take pics when it snows next!

He has gotten a bit more clingy. Usually when I put him to bed, I'll roll him over and he'll suck his thumb and fall asleep. But now he'll roll over, suck his thumb, then roll back towards me and grab my arm, eyes wide open, just to make sure I'm still there lol. I remember Aila used to do that a lot too.

He chews on everything he can get his hands on! He loves standing up by the coffee table and smacking it wildly. Basically, if he can't grab something, he'll smack.

His favourite game is the classic peekaboo. He loves playing underneath the blankets and uncovering his face to see me :D

I love him!

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