24 October 2016

Taiki is 6 Months!

Half way to ONE!
This month seemed to go on forever for some reason! Taiki has gotten really active lately and is starting to become a little bit of a handful!

Here are some of his developments for this month:

He can roll both ways now which means he will roll all around the room until he finds something interesting to naw on. Last week while I was cooking dinner, he became fascinated with the internet and tv cords and had a good naw and slobber all over them! Gotta keep my eye on this little guy now.

He can't quite sit upright yet, but is getting used to sitting. He will always lunge over and grab something in front of him and then gets stuck because he can't pull his body back up lol.

He loves to stand and hold on to the coffee table. He will slip over to the side, so I still need to support him but he LOVES to stand.

For some strange reason, he doesn't love to stand in the Jolly Jumper. I think maybe he gets lonely or because the doorway is a bit out of the way and he can't see or do much. He hasn't really gotten into the jumping aspect. He just kinds stands and kicks and slips around.

He can pick me out of a crowd and once our eyes lock, he will wail until he can get back to me.

He can put himself to sleep with the help of his little thumbs. He has gotten way better at taking the dummy and bottle now which should make bottle feeding easier if we ever need a babysitter.

He has gotten so much hungrier in the last couple weeks so I started him on solids. First food was apple sauce which he LOVED and tried grabbing the spoon out my hand to shove more into his mouth. I have tried other baby foods, but the ones he likes the most are the soft jelly kinds that are easy to swallow without much mouth action. I tried a pumpkin one once and he kept gagging because it was a lot thicker than the apple and fruit kinds. So for now we are just giving him soft fruit and soups. He really loves his food! 

Still such a smiley boy! I still haven't heard him have a really good laughing fit yet. He laughs for a while but he isn't in hysterics. Can't wait for that!

He loves playing peekaboo under a blanket and will rip it off his face to search for me. He thinks it's hilarious.

He got his BCG immunization last month which was sad :( It's the 9x9 stamp one. The Doctor did it on the underside of his arm though so hopefully it won't be an eyesore in the future.

It is getting colder now so we have pulled out all his hand-me-down clothes, some of which I have been saving since I received them from Jun's sister for Reia to use! It's nice to finally be able to use them because I have always envisioned using them once I had a son, and now I can!

His hair is getting really long now at the front and on top, but is still kind of thin at the back. Don't know when I'll cut it. Maybe when he's one. We'll see how long it gets!

He loves to hold on to my face and look me in the eyes.

He doesn't poo that often. It's as if he saves it all up for that one big release! lol 

He wakes up at night a lot now. Sometimes he rolls out of bed (futon) and gets stuck on the side or is cold because he kicked his blankets off. Most of the time he is just hungry, but he gets SO impatient now when he sucks and the milk hasn't come down yet. He hates waiting and gets frustrated and pulls on me :( So so tender right now tmi.

Well, here's to another month! I can already tell that he is going to be an active one! He is curious and cuddly, and handsome and hangry!

Love you my boy <3

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