24 August 2016

Taiki is 4 Months!

Four months today!

Taiki is a little sir now! He isn't a little boy anymore and is always mistaken for a 6 month old :)

Here are his developments for this month:

He can roll onto his side! He hasn't quite gotten onto his tummy yet, but he is getting there!

He giggles now, but every time he starts laughing, he gets the hiccups which abruptly stops his laughs.

He can roll over on to his tummy now and hold up his head! He hasn't quite gotten the hang of rolling over and supporting himself with his arms. One of his arms always gets stuck underneath him and he can't quite get there sometimes!

He is still very drooly and always needs to wear a bib. My other girls hardly dribbled at all and it seems that he is dribbling enough for the three of them!

His hair has gotten longer, he has chunky legs, and a round tummy! He is 7.2kgs and 62cm!

He can see quite far now and will stare at me from his bouncer while I am making dinner.

He is still very very smiley and will smile at everyone he sees! I love his toothless grin :)

He has started noticing his hands and has started looking at them in wonder.

I've started putting him in the Jolly Jumper and he doesn't quite know what to do yet, but he likes being able to stand up.

Whenever we go out, he just sleeps the whole time in the carrier and doesn't make a peep.

He is definitely a Mama's boy at the moment! He settles down really quickly when I hold him. It's nice... but I can't get much done with him on my hip all day ^.^

Sometimes he is so quiet that I forget that he is around. It is hard to keep more than 2 kids in mind!

He met his new cousin who is 2 months apart. I'm sure they'll be good pals when they grow up :)

He has started getting his immunizations now. He has to get a shot like every two weeks, so the poor thing has to relive the same nightmare over and over again :( 

He is still sleeping through the night which is so helpful. Such a big difference compared to the girls!

Taiki is such a chill baby and we love him to bits! x

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