24 July 2016

Taiki's 3rd Month

Today marks Taiki's 3rd month of life. It also marks his first fever.

I woke up this morning at 1am to a very hot and distressed little boy. He was really hot, you could tell straight away that this was a big one. I tried soothing him for an hour, but after nothing seemed to be working, I woke up Jun and asked him to call the hospital. Jun administered a blessing first and then called the hospital. The doctors said to bring him in to check him out. Because he is 3 months exactly, the protocol for what to do was a bit confusing. If it was a day before and he was still considered 2 months, they would have reacted more urgently. If he was a month and 1 day, they would have reacted a bit more calmly. But he was on the border in that grey area. To a parent, it's not that grey (more like frustrating!), but I guess that's how it is at this particular hospital. Jun took him in at 3am while I stayed with the girls and they pretty much just checked him and said to go back home and keep an eye on him to see how he develops. Well today was a Sunday, so everyone went to church except Taiki and I. Jun and I were still both so exhausted from that night, we were running close to empty. Taiki's fever gradually went from a 38.8 to a 39.5. He wasn't drinking much at all and was throwing up a little bit. I told Jun about all of this and he came home so we could take Taiki to the hospital again. 
By the time we got there, he was at 39.9. None of my children have had such a high fever before so as you can imagine I was pretty nervous and anxious to see what was going on with my little boy. He wasn't my smiley boy anymore, he was lethargic and sluggish. We waited about 2 hours to see the Doctor. After being checked, the Doctor could not find any other symptoms except for a high fever. He wasn't coughing, his ears were fine, no runny nose, no rash, no swelling, urine was clean... The Doctor was stumped. Taiki had a really high fever only. We didn't get a diagnosis, but we did get some suppositories finally to bring his fever down. It was a long day today, and he is still fighting this thing as we speak, but let's hope that as he gets through it that it only makes him stronger!

Month 3 is over! Here is how he has developed: 

My little boy suddenly isn't so little anymore. He is out of newborn nappies and has small rolls around his knees, elbows and chin! As of today, he is 6.66kgs. He has doubled!

He laughs and smiles when people talk to him. Sometimes he even laughs on his own just randomly which gives me a fright!

He sleeps a lot during the day and it takes a while for him to fall asleep for the night. But once he is down, he only wakes again once or not at all. Very big plus. 

He likes to drink every 3 hours or so. 

His legs are now just long enough that I can get him to straddle my waist when he is in the carrier, instead of having his feet sticking out at the bottom.

He is starting to look a lot more like Reia than any of us.

He hasn't rolled over yet but his neck muscles are quite strong! I think it's because we hold him upright instead of sideways. He gets to use his neck muscles that way. He can keep his head up but can't look up yet and will sometimes dip backwards.

He loves to suck on things. When he is not on the boob, he tries to suck on his fists or his thumb if he can find it. Once he did find it, but it was paired with his index finger!

He is quite a chill baby and only complains if he is hungry, sleepy, or his nappy is full. 

He likes being held, as most babies do.

He also likes to stand up on his own with some help and will just smile the whole time.

He coo's for longer now. If you talk back to him he will stop, but if you leave him be, he will go on for a bit saying "ooh, ooh, ooh" over again.

He only brays like a horse sometimes now but I still love it! It reminds me of when he was smaller.

This month, we actually went on a road trip to Osaka, Hiroshima, and Kyoto! He did pretty well and slept most of the way. There were some screams, but he survived! When Jun and I went on a date to Universal Studio's, it was the first time I had left him on his own. It was a struggle at home for the grandparents and Megumi, but they eventually got him to drink out of the bottle and put him to sleep. When I got home, the first thing I did was PUMP!! Two words: Rock. Solid! I think that conjures up enough imagery.

I think he might be my most social baby so far. I can't really remember though. He is just so smiley! I love it!

He is always flicking his tongue out and pushing bubbles out onto his lips. He is always getting his clothes wet from this so he needs to wear a bib.

Listening to music box lullabies helps him fall asleep. They played the same sort of stuff in the nursery when he was born so maybe it stuck?

Like I said in the beginning, he is suffering now with a fever and it sucks so much to see him in pain. I hope he gets better soon so he can go back to being my smiley boy!

Love you, Son x 

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