17 July 2016

Summer Party 2016

Reia's Youchien had their nouryoukai/summer party the other week. We were pretty that day so we were only able to make the dancing part and had to miss the games and food. Reia was really excited to wear her pink yukata. I had taken hers and Aila's out of the closet to air out and keep straight which only added to the excitement. I sat her down to do her hair and you could tell that she was enjoying being pampered. She gave me her excited/embarrassed/mouth-wide-open smile once she saw the end result! She couldn't wait to go and was tired of waiting for Daddy to come back from the farm and for Aila to wake up. I started dressing Aila in her sleep, and if you know Aila, you'll know that she is the GRUMPIEST girl ever when she wakes up! It takes her like an hour to fully wake up normally, but once she saw the yutaka, she was wide awake and let me dress her up and do her hair. She was also looking forward to wearing it. Taki wore his blue whale jinbei that he got from his Obaachan.

Once we got there, the food and activities had finished and the bon dance was about to start. Reia went and found her teacher and lined up with her class. She is the third from the back of the line which means she is the 3rd tallest in her class. She looked so happy and excited to be amongst her classmates! 

Next year will be her last. Reia is already saying that she doesn't want to go up to Primary school an wants to stay in Youchien forever! She is having so much fun there :)

Here's to keeping cool this summer!

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