20 July 2016

Aila is 3

Aila is THREE! 

I can finally say that she looks her age! She looks like she is 3, going on 4 over here so when I used to tell people that she was only 2, they would look at me in disbelief. 

She is such a character, this girl! She lays out all her emotions and leaves them for you to deal with haha. Here is how she has developed these past 6 months:

She likes to play with bottles, cans, cups, and anything else that she can line up or arrange by size or colour. Lately she has been playing with her 4 teletubbies and giving each of them a tube of toothpaste that corresponds to their individual colours. She also likes stacking things, making towers. She likes to do this all by herself and is quite content with doing it all on her own.

She is very vocal and is not afraid of expressing her opinion. She will often mimic me and use my exact words to tell me off when she is feeling angry or frustrated.

Her eczema has blown up in the last couple of months. It is around her eyes, her underarms, chest, back, legs, pretty much everywhere and it causes her so much grief that she wakes up scratching and crying in the middle of the night. We have steroid ointment from the doctor but I know we need to heal her from the inside out instead of simply reducing the symptoms.

She is quite the little actress! She is always role playing and mimicking what she hears other people say. The funniest one lately is how she copies how Peppa Pig says "pleeease?" She really likes to get into character and go all out.

She still sings at the top of her lungs and belts out ballads while we are on outings without a care of who is watching her.

Aila has shot up! All of a sudden, she was tall enough to reach turn on the lights and sit on the toilet without a stool. Because of this, she can now go to the toilet by herself and wash her hands by herself. She still chooses, however, to call out from the toilet "Aaaall finiiiished Maamaaaaa" on repeat unto I go to her! It is hilarious when she ups the pitch and volume to be heard lol

It takes her a while to figure out how to blow her nose. She will either sniff or blow air out of her mouth. It takes a good demonstration from either Jun or I for her to figure it out.

Her eczema has spread to her face now. It is under her left eye and under her nose. Poor thing gets so itchy, we have had to cover the sores on her elbows and wrists with bandages.

She always closes the doors now. She doesn't like them open anymore. I think it's because the hallway is a bit dark and scary.

We found out that her eczema, isn't actually eczema but is a bacterial infection. We were able to get some medicine and it has improved A LOT! 

She likes to win now and will always try and beat Reia at everything. She will cry when she knows she is losing and will laugh when she is winning. Poor Reia has to be the bigger person all the time and let her win or settle for a tie. They both always want to greet Jun when he comes home from work and Reia will want to hold hands and walk down the hallway together so they both win, but if she doesn't catch Aila in time, Aila will bolt ahead, squealing as she goes. Most times though, it usually ends with Aila not wanting to hold hands and win together and with her lying on the floor screaming because she lost.

It was her birthday today! She did not sleep until after 12am the night before so we had to wake her up before Jun left for work. In her groggy state, she still appreciated her "celebration" and loved the balloons I hung up for her. Throughout the whole day, I think the highlight for her were the decorations in the house and the cake. Those two things made it feel like it was her birthday. Although, there was a point where in the morning she was searching the house for her shiny party hat that I didn't have. Missed the memo on that one. I'm sure that was something she saw on Peppa Pig!

They ate ice cream for breakfast. I thought, what the hey and let them have it! I also got Aila a Finding Dory bath bomb and her and Reia couldn't wait to use it and see what was inside the bomb so they had an early morning bath. I welcomed the time to clean up a little.

She has the hugest feet. Definitely gets it from me! lol She is about 16cm and Reia is about 17cm! Buying shoes for her has been a nightmare because she can't fit the shoes that Reia wore at her age anymore and can almost fit Reia's shoes now, but they are still too long. So I have debated for a long time whether or not to let her squeeze into Reia's 2-3 year old ones or clomp around in her 4-5 year old ones. Because of her birthday, I just decided to buy 3 pairs of them and let her be comfy and lessen the risk of her falling over herself even though I know she is bound to grow out of them soon!

Aila is definitely a character! She is not afraid to let you know when she is unhappy. She loves kissing and cuddling. She is either in a good mood, or a cranky mood. She is still clumsy and falls over everything. She still eats with her hands rather than a fork. She hates washing her hair and will let out blood curdling screams during the process. She is obsessed with Peppa Pig and speaks in a British accent and even cries like George.

She can be a handful at times but she is so fun and loving at the same time. I love how imaginative and expressive she is.

Last picture together as my youngest before Taiki was born

Sayounara terrible twos!

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