24 June 2016

Taiki's 2nd Month

Time is flying by as usual. It isn't until I write these things that I realise just how much time has lapsed! Our little boy is now 2 months and continues to bring us joy with his little coo's and smiles. He is the cutest thing and now that my two girls are no longer babies, I am treasuring this time with him even more because I know it will end all to soon.

Here is how he has been developing this month:

His Opa calls him "Little Tyke" which I think is pretty cool :) Reia's little saying that comes from her name is "Reia sunshine" (Ray of sunshine, said fast) and Aila's is "I love you" (Aila've you).

Oma is in Niue now, and while she was digging through some Niuean geneology, she found a man called Taiki! He isn't related, but it means that Taiki is also a Niuean name! I wish I knew the meaning.  

He recognises me :) He will start trying to coo back to me when I am speaking to him (so adorbs!) and he knows when I enter or leave the room. He cries sometimes when I leave and will stop when I come back, but will go back to crying if I don't pick him up.

Jun is really good at putting him to sleep which is really helpful when I am trying to clean up or get something done.

Reia always wants to hold him when he is crying. I caught her one time with her finger in his mouth to keep him from crying. I was startled and told her take take it out, because germs! But at the same time, it was cute because it was her way of soothing him. Aila knows that she can't pick him up, so when he cries, she will promptly alert me and shout "Mummy, the baby is crying!"

Taiki still hiccups quite a bit. At least once a day.

He is by far the gassiest baby I've had so far lol. He tends to save it all for night time, just as we are trying to get everyone to bed.

He is always bubbling at the mouth with saliva if I leave him for a while.

I'm guessing he is about 6 kilo's as his newborn nappies are getting pretty snug!

He is getting chubbier. He already has soft rolls on his thighs, arms and chin!

He doesn't like the dummy or bottle, but hopefully he will start taking them! He loves to suckle, and if not on me, he will suck his fists or thumb if he can find it. It would make such a difference if only he took the dummy!

His little feet are sticking out from the bottom of the carrier now when I carry him on my chest. 

Such a cute boy, I can't get enough of him <3 
Slow down little boy!
We love you ^_^

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