02 May 2016

Taiki's Baby Blessing

Taiki was blessed at home just a week after he was born on the 1st of May, 2016. 

His grandparents, who are currently finishing up with their mission in Niigata, drove all the way to Tokyo to attend. Aunty Ericca, Chika Nee, Noripi, Naoki, Mika, Tsubasa, Masaru, Megumi, and Mia were all there too, so we had a full house! Jun's parents sent over some fresh fish and shellfish the night before to eat after the blessing. Ojiichan donned the apron and Tsubasa bought a brand new knife to make sure everything was cut to perfection. I didn't try the large sea snails, but the paua and sashimi were delicious! I made raw fish as per request from Chika Nee, and some chocolate chip cookies.

The blessing was all done in Japanese so I am not sure what was said, but Ericca recorded it for us so I will get Jun to translate it for me later. Taiki slept through the whole thing. He sleeps through everything anyway lol. He was a very good boy :) 

It was a nice personal blessing and I am thankful that Jun's family were all able to attend. 

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