24 May 2016

Taiki's 1st Month

Today marks Taiki's first month! It has gone by so fast, it still feels like he is only a few days old.
He is the cutest boy I have ever laid eyes on and I feel so blessed that he is with us! I can't wait to see what a few more months bring and to watch him develop. I wonder what his personality will be like...

Here are some developments for this month:

All his red spots have faded away now and his skin is clear.

Hey makes the "ooh" face that Reia used to make which is my favourite!

His umbilical cord stump fell off after 11 days and his belly button has healed completely.

Literally, all he has been doing for his first couple of weeks of life is eat, sleep, and poo. He is a very good baby right now and doesn't give me grief like his older sisters did! We shall see if he can keep it up!

When he is awake, he just chills and looks around. Usually with his "ooh" face on.

His little cheeks are filling out and he already has developed a little double chin. He has also gotten a a crease mark on the bridge if his nose from scrunching up his face so often.

He can track me with his eyes slowly. It takes him a while to catch up with me, but he gets there in the end.

He goes quiet when I talk to him and especially when I sing to him the melody of Brahms Lullaby. I think he must have heard it utero when I sang it to the girls at night. Needless to say, I sing it to him all the time to keep him relaxed.

Aunty Ric was over here helping out while I was in hospital and unfortunately, she got sick. She didn't want to pass it on to Taiki, so she only held him twice while she was staying with us. Poor thing. I know she wanted to hold him more.

Sometimes it takes him a while to settle down and sleep because he gets a sore tummy and will thrash his little legs around. 

He did not enjoy his first bath, but the ones after that have been a bit more pleasant.

He sweats a lot when he feeds and gets beads of sweat all over his head. Who knew eating could be such a work out! 

He makes little "owh" sounds now which are adorable ^_^

He had his 1 month check-up and he has gained about 1.7kgs! Everything else looks good.

He wakes up every night at 3am and then again at 5 or 7.

He can support his own head and lift it up when I am holding him upright. He also likes to throw his head forwards, backwards, and side to side while I'm holding him to get to where he wants to go, which is either the boob or to bed!

I don't think I have come to terms completely that he is with us. Sometimes I forget that there is another little spirit in need of attention too when I am attending to the girls. I feel so stretched and pulled in all different directions, it can get overwhelming! Lately, I have noticed that I have become a "No-Mum." Meaning, I say no to almost everything now. I just can't do some things at the moment, like take the girls to the park because it is scorching and I don't want Taiki to be in the heat with his delicate skin. Or no to to drawing with chalk on the veranda because I am too tired to clean up afterwards. No to movie marathons, friends coming over, walking to the supermarket to buy snacks etc. I realise though, that I need to start saying yes more often and to be a "Yes-Mum!" I don't like being grouchy and losing the plot everyday when my girls start to fight or have a melt-down. I want to be more fun and adventurous with my girls. I need to live in the moment with them instead of planning ahead all the time, thinking about the next tasks I need to do. After being with a newborn for a month, you realise that they really do grow up and start not needing you as much anymore. While it can be helpful for them to do things on there own, in a sense it is the beginning of the end of them needing you. Reia is already transitioning into this stage and it's fun to see her be more independent, but I can't help think that soon she will be doing everything herself and I may not be allowed in her personal bubble anymore.
I'll be evicted!

Anyway, here is to another month of trying to be a better, funner, enjoyable and happier Mum! Taiki has slotted into our little family just fine and is such a delight to have around ^_^

We love you Taiki. Just like your name says, you are already such a bright light in our lives!

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