25 April 2016

Taiki is Here!

Our little boy is finally here! 

He arrived on Sunday, the 24th of April 2016 at 6:39pm, weighing in at 3175 grams and 49 cm long.

As always, my contractions came slowly and irregularly, so it was hard for me to know when it was time to go. I had been having small contractions and some back pain for a few days prior to Sunday and was also losing the mucous plug little by little every day. I would think that I had lost it, but then the next day, there would be more. On my due date (Sat, 23rd), I would think that things were starting, but then they would just stop all together which was also confusing. Then that night, I had contractions that would wake me in the middle of the night. When I woke up however, nothing was happening. We all decided to stay home from church that day as I was getting definite but irregular contractions. We had sacrament and lessons at home. I kept having bits of show throughout the day and contractions would come every now and then, but they would only last about 30 seconds. I really wanted to get things started and get him out asap because Ericca had plans to go to Disney Sea and if she wasn't there when the baby was being born, it would have defeated the whole purpose of her coming! So, to get things moving, I had a nap thinking that things would start happening like they did the night before. And they did!

I started getting contractions every 5-10-30 minutes that lasted 30-45 seconds long. I was able to get through these ones with some walking and breathing. Heated pads on my lower back helped a lot too. Jun, Ric and I were discussing what we should do at this point. I didn't think that I was at that point where I needed to go to the hospital yet as the contractions weren't "labour pain" strong and I could sometimes even deflect them with a deep breath and they would just dissipate. I asked Jun to call the hospital anyway just to see what they would say and they said to come as soon as we could, given my history with fast deliveries. I was still cheery when we left the house and got in the car. Jun said he imagined that when it was time for us to go to the hospital that I would look more in pain, but I was just normal which lead me believe that we would be at the hospital for a long time. I didn't want to go to too early because once you go in, they have to monitor you and strap you down on your back. My lower back is the point of most of the pain so I didn't want to have to do that for a long time and suffer more through the contractions. I had about 3 more contractions on the way to the hospital that were quite strong and I really had to concentrate through the pain.

We arrived at the hospital at around 5:30pm and made our way upstairs. I remember passing the convenient store thinking that we should pick up some snacks just in case we would be in the through the night. When we made it to the maternity ward, we were greeted by two midwives. They took my suitcase and I went with them. The one that took care of me that night spoke in English to me which was nice. Her name was Mayumi Uchimura and she reminds me of one of my students from Mongolia. She took my blood pressure and weight and then led me to a room where they would monitor the baby and my contractions. I was given a disposable pink gown and disposable pink underwear that opened at the front for easy check ups, and then I had to lie down on my back on the bed with monitors strapped to me. I told the midwife that my contractions were coming every 5-10 minutes. She checked to see how dilated I was and at that point I was already 5 cm and my waters had broken already. Hm? My waters had what now? Broken you say? Hmm?? I still have no recollection of that happening and couldn't believe that I was half way dilated already. i was further along then I thought I was. Then my contractions started getting stronger and came every 3 minutes. So after 10 minutes in that room, my midwife said it's time to go to the delivery room.

My contractions were quite strong now and were coming more often. They put an IV in my arm to help my uterus contract back down to size after giving birth. The contractions were so strong now that I had to shut my eyes and focus on them to get through them. Saying "Haaa!" really helped me push through the pain. I had forgotten what those big ones felt like and they are sore! Mayumi kept checking me and it seemed that with every contraction I had, I dilated another centimeter. I was 6, then 7, then 8, but stayed at 9 for 3 more contractions which I remember being annoyed at because I wanted to get him out already! Mayumi said that she could see his head at that point which amazed m because things were moving so quickly! When I became 10 cm, she said I could start pushing. When I tried the first time, my body took over and I pushed really hard, to which Mayumi said was too hard and not to do. Jun was up by my head, trying to keep me calm. He had his hands on my head. Mayumi told me to really push now. "Faito!" was her way of encouraging me which actually worked. Pushing baby out felt like trying to push a bowling ball through a 3cm wide gap, which is essentially what happened I guess. I remember telling Jun the day before that I did not want an episiotomy at all, but when I was pushing, Mayumi said that she wanted to cut me and if it was ok All I could think about was getting baby out as soon as I could and I didn't care how so I shouted back, "Go! Go! Go!" 

Not long after, baby came out and they quickly showed me him before taking him to be examined by the doctor. Total delivery time in that room was 30 minutes. Baby's face had been squeezed to tightly upon exiting that a blood vessel around his eye had ruptured and caused all these red spots to appear all over his face. He looks more like Jun I think with his pointy nose. He was away from me for a while, while I was getting stitched up and I wasn't allowed to walk for 2 hours after delivery and stayed on that big pink chair the whole time. They then brought him to me to feed him for a bit. He was so tiny and cute! They took him away again to the nursery and apparently the policy for that hospital is that I don't feed him again for another 8 hours. My uterus contractions started coming and it's true what they say, they get worse with every child you have! We didn't take any pictures during or after birth because you aren't allowed to in the delivery room, but we took one of him in the nursery from behind the glass. It was surreal seeing him, thinking that just an hour ago he was in my tummy.
My room in the hospital is by the window so it's nice and bright. No wifi to use, just a small tv and a block of Whittakers chocolate to keep me happy :) 

Sunday was the perfect day to give birth because Ric was planning on going to Disney Sea on Monday and we are going to bless Taiki on the 1st as that is the only Sunday that Jun's parents can come to Tokyo. Because of all these plans, it was good that he arrived when he did! Overall, it was a really good delivery and we are so happy and feel so blessed to have a new baby and our first son.

We came home from the hospital on the 29th of April and it was really windy that day, like unusually windy. Perfect day except for the blow-the-baby-out-of-your-hands wind. I remember really wanting to make a sandwich when I got home. At the hospital, there was no internet for me to use, so Jun bought me a tv card so I could watch tv. I only watched 3 types of shows during those 5 days. The news, variety shows at night, and cooking shows. This one cooking show showed how to really pack fillings into a sandwich which intrigued me. Jun said that there might be a few slices of bread left for me to make one. When we arrived home though, I was not expecting to see Jun's sisters and niece there too! They had all prepared a nice home coming lunch for Taiki which was so lovely of them. Jun also, the night before, slaved away making a german chocolate cake for me! That was the cake he made for me when he first asked me out. It has almost been 10 years since that day. 

Reia and Aila were so excited to see the baby. Reia especially was very interested and wanted to hold him. He is very lucky to have two loving older sisters. I hope they help him to grow up to be a great man.

I felt so much love that day!!! (灬♥ω♥灬)
From this day I realised that I really like getting surprises lol.


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