24 April 2016

Pregnancy #4

I'm pregnant again!

Just found out that the due date is April 23rd, 2016 which makes me 10 weeks. This time around, morning sickness hasn't been so bad. I can actually eat food! And the smells from the house and outside don't bother me. It's only the fridge and when food is being cooked that I retreat to my room. I have received a lot of help this time around from my MIL and the Relief Society. Thanks to them, my family and I can eat. I can't cook or clean you see so before I had help, my girls were eating pizza and chips. I find that I can eat, but I don't know what to eat which is annoying. Also, if I get hungry, I feel nauseas so I need to always keep eating, which is hard though because I have no appetite. I think this time around it might be a boy.

Jun has been amazing and does things with out complaining and without being told. Both our attitudes have definitely changed since I miscarried in January and we are more supportive of one another. I have written a bit about my miscarriage here.

The girls are doing good too. Reia has always told me that she wants a baby brother! So if everything goes well this time, she may just get that! Aila is still wanting me to pick her up and hold her, but slowly she is learning that Mummy is getting bigger and just can't do that anymore.

With all my pregnancies, I tend to bleed internally for some unknown reason. You can see it during my ultrasound scans as a pool of black next to a little white squirmy baby. Because of this bleeding, I have to be extra careful not to move around too much or carry heavy things and need to take medicine to stop the bleeding and any contractions that may occur. This makes it hard for me to do anything really. I can't do the shopping, I can't clean, I can't take my girls for a walk, all I can do is lie down and do nothing. This sounds easy to do, but it isn't when all I really want to do is get up and clean the house. As of right now, the blood that was in my uterus is gone so I don't need to take medication, but it has the potential to come back so I need to be careful.

At 26 weeks, I officially gained 10kgs! I am dreading my next weigh in at the doctors as I am bound to get told off ¯\_( ◉ 3 ◉ )_/¯. The baby has been moving a lot the past few weeks, but for the past few days, they have slowed down a lot. I am a bot nervous and can't wait to hear that heart beat! The food that I want to eat, but usually can't be bothered making, is a nice crunchy salad!!! My sweet tooth is still there though and usually wins over the salad, hence the 10 kgs. I definitely think I am going to gain a lot more with 3 more months to go! Not looking good.

Well my last weigh in wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I think my Dr. has just accepted the fact that I am going to gain a lot of weight! When he was doing the ultra sound scan, he said it was very hard to see the gender of the baby because I had a "thick filter," meaning that I was too fat for him to get a clear view! Hahaha he was only joking though. Well, only half joking ~(>_<~). I have gotten used to this banter. Not too long after that, I contracted the tummy bug from Reia and was quite sick. I lost 2 kgs overnight! I think he would be happy lol.

I am in my third trimester now! Feeling really stretched sometimes but I know I will only get bigger. I really have to make sure I apply my Bio Oil everyday! I am always sleepy by 7pm and go to bed at 10 at the latest. The baby is always having the hiccups and for long periods of time. I read that this is the result from the baby drinking the amniotic fluid which is good practice for when he drinks milk. Sleeping has become more uncomfortable. I can never have enough pillows! I try to lie on my side, but my side goes numb and I end up lying on my back which I know I shouldn't.

This baby's kick are getting stronger now! And he does that same thing that Reia did when he kick-spasms. Reia used to do that all the time in utero and once when she was born. My midwife said that no one knows why babies do that. But this baby has started doing it now too. Not as often and not as extreme, but still doing it. Aila didn't do it. I wonder what it is. He is now 1.8kgs and looking good! I started spotting a bit today. Not worried, but trying to take it easy.

I am in the last stretch now! Only 9 more days to go and baby is already quite low and settled. I have been spotting a bit and am feeling quite fatigued. I have no energy to do anything and am anxious to get this little boy out of me. We still don't have a name yet. It is hard to pick a boys name that works both in Japanese and in English because they are so different in terms of manliess, pronunciation and style. The names that I have so far are: Tyler, Eli, Haruki, Aiki, Yukiya, Yuuya, Shion, Noa, Shou, Kou, Aki, Yoshi, Tadashi, Aito, Minoru, Kaito, Akira, Luca, and Kai. These names are only on the list because they are pronounceable in both languages. Choosing one is so hard! I feel like I need to see baby's face before I can pick.

Due date today! I have gained a grand total of 18kgs. Nothing really happening today, just a few niggles. It is so hard to guess when he will come because I will get some niggles and then nothing for the rest of the day.

Here's hoping we will get to meet this little boy soon!

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