04 February 2016

Setsubun 2016

 This year's Setsubun was a little less dramatic as Reia and Aila were not scared for their lives and crying in a corner! Reia has been learning about Setsubun and Oni at youchien so she was more excited than anything. Aila just went with the flow and as always, felt out the situation. They could not wait to start throwing some soy beans around the room! 

 The Oni (ogre) mask this year was provided by Reia. She made a green Oni hat at youchien complete with a yellow horn, green hair, gold teeth and bushy eyebrows. She said she wanted a happy Oni so she gave him a smiley face. Jun went out into the hallway to get ready and the girls counted down from 10. They armed themselves with their own little box of beans waiting for the ogre to come in. When Jun came in, there were squeals and frantic throwing of beans while chanting "Oni ha soto! fuku ha uchi!" It was a mess! Aila couldn't throw her beans far enough and Reia was right in there aiming for the face with gritted teeth!

Next, Reia wanted a turn and she was no ordinary Oni! She was a strong Oni that fought back! When we would all throw beans at her, she would be scooping them off the floor and throwing them right back at us! It took us a while to drive that ogre away. Naturally, Aila wanted a turn after that and she was a great little actress. When she stepped in, she stepped it up! She gave her best Oni impression, groaning and moaning with every bean, clomping around clumsily and then finally, dramatically falling to the ground to admit her defeat. The girls wanted me to have a turn so I reluctantly put the Oni hat on. I chased the girls around which they weren't expecting. They couldn't pick the beans up fast enough! I may be 7 months pregnant, but I can still move!

 For dinner, we made our own ehoumaki (恵方巻き) which means lucky direction roll. I am unfortunately not eating raw fish at the moment so I couldn't have the yummy looking raw salmon and tuna. I opted instead for the canned tuna & mayo combo and the crab meat which was still delicious. The girls ate about half of their full sized rolls and ALL the leftover soybeans. You are only supposed to eat the same amount as your age, but oh well. More blessings hopefully! Jun and I ate 3 large sushi rolls each!!! I am sure I don't need to tell you that we were wayyy past being full. It was so good though! We need to have sushi night more often, I think!

It was a nice low-key night and I am glad that the girls are past the scared stage and can really get into the Japanese tradition. Now it is time to put out our traditional doll set in preparation for Hinamatsuri or Girls Day on March 3rd! 

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