03 February 2016

Reia is 4 and a Half

Reia is now 6 months away from being 5!!! Turning 5 in NZ means starting Primary School (eeek!) but in Japan, she is still in kindergarten so it is not a huge deal. These past 6 months have been interesting as her little personality develops. She is very mindful of adults and rules. She always wants to win, hates to lose but does know how to play with others when her competitive hat isn't on. She can be grumpy and defiant but also a peacemaker. She is growing up!

Here is her latest update written in order:

She has grown up so much and matured in a way but at the same time, reverts back to being a baby sometimes when she is grumpy.

She is a very picky eater and won't touch capsicum and most things green apart from broccoli, cabbage and edamame. She is always weary of new food.

She wants to be treated exactly like Aila which is hard to do because Reia isn't a baby anymore.

I try to teach her to fight back if people are rough with her and she tells me "No Mummy, I don't want to hit." Well alrighty then. I don't want her to beat people up but to stick up for herself. She has a lot of boy friends and sometimes they can be a bit rough and she doesn't know how to get out of the situation.

She absolutely loves her Youchien and seems to be making friends. Her Japanese isn't good enough yet though to play with other kids. She still doesn't quite understand everything or how to say what she wants to say. She usually says things like "I won!" or "Look what I have" lol

She has moved on from the first stage of training-chopsticks to the last stage and is doing quite well! It will be interesting to see how she ends up gripping her chopsticks in the end.

Her and Aila both contracted Hand Foot and Mouth Disease starting on Reia's 4th birthday and it lasted for about 2 weeks. A few weeks after she had completely recovered, her nails started peeling off. It would become a yellowish-whitish colour which meant it was completely loose and could be taken off. It was never the whole nail, just part of it but eventually over time, the rest of the nail would become completely or partially removable as well.

She has become aware that she grows and that if she eats her vegetables that she will grow taller! She is always saying now that she will eat everything on her plate so that she can grow taller. She will always have me check to see how much she has grown in the last few days.

She has taken an interest in folding clothes with me. She loves to help me and show me how helpful and skillful she is. She likes to help me cook too.

She dresses herself now and can be quite choosey about what she wears. Her favourite top is her Purikyua shirt that she got from her cousin, Mika.

Her hair is so long now. It goes down to her bottom and gets so tangled and collects dust. It is getting harder to manage! All her friends have short hair and she wants to be like them, but I have been trying to tell her that Disney Princesses mostly all have long hair. She has slowly changed her mind about cutting it up to her shoulders, but still wants a fringe.

She has started learning how to read English. Oma has been giving her lessons since she has been here. Reia can read basic Japanese also but only very slowly.

She can be very defiant now and will scream and throw tantrums when she doesn't get her way. Even though she is throwing these tantrums, all she really wants is some attention and a big hug. She will usually calm down after some time-out and a little talk together.

She likes to help Aila take all her clothes off at home to let her run around free. She then joins Aila in the buff and they squeal and dance around. They think it is hilarious, which it is.

She get's emotionally overwhelmed now when things don't go her way. She will shout at me "Mama kirai!" or "Mama iranai!" which means "I hate Mama." This is usually followed by a "never ever ever EVER!" trailing off as she runs to her room. This is a new thing and is a bit shocking, but I know that she is just upset and doesn't know how else to vent her frustrations. During these times, I just let her talk it out until we come up with a solution or she usually gets over it on her own.

She eats so much white rice. She loves the stuff, especially with curry or chilli. But with no furikake.

She is so excited to have a baby brother too and can't wait to meet him! She thinks his name should be Jr. Rain Bow. She saw the Jr. on t.v. one time when Nick Jr. flashed across the screen. She pronounces it "jur." She likes to say hi to him through my belly and always mentions him in conversation. She is going to be a great help to me when he is finally here!

Lately I have been trying reverse psychology on her. I always used to say to other people in front of her that she is shy as an excuse for why she wouldn't talk around them etc. I think this has lead her to believe and act out to be shy even more. Lately I have been telling her that she is confident and strong instead to see if that changed her mindset. Sometimes it works and she goes up to people we have over and says hi!

She has been sleeping in more and more. She wakes up so late in the morning that we barely have time to get ready for youchien!

It is nearing the end of her first year of youchien and her Japanese has improved so much! She can relay her thoughts, tell me what she did that day, who she played with etc. She even has those little inflections that native Japanese speakers have, like adding 'no' to the ends of sentences. She always looks forward to going and is looking forward to being a second year student this April.

I asked her some questions about herself this time and this is what she said:

1. What is something you always say?
I like you and I play with you.

2. What makes you happy?
Playing and watching DVD's.

3. What makes you sad?
When somebody takes my toys.

4. When do you laugh?
When the movie is funny.

5. What were you like as a baby?

6. How old are you?

7. How tall are you?
Up to here! *stands on the dining table*

8. What is your favourite thing to do?
Playing with toys and Teletubbies.

9. What do you do when you're at school?
Eat and play and make stuff.

10. What are you really good at?
Making stuff and funny stuff.

11. What are you not very good at?
I'm good at everything.

12. What is Mummy's and Daddy's job?
Mummy: Making stuff.
Daddy: Watching stuff and eating stuff.

13. What is your favourite food?
Apples, bananas, ice cream, pancakes, fish and kanpyo sushi.

14. What do you enjoy doing with Aila?
Playing with toys.

15. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Purikyua and 100 years old.

That pretty much sums her up!
She is still figuring out things and learning as she goes. 
She is an awesome little girl and I love her to bits!

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