19 January 2016

Aila is 2 and a Half

Aila is half way to turning 3! 

She is the most bubbly, cuddly, moody, bossiest girl ever and we love her exactly as she is! Here is her update (in chronological order) for the past 6 months:

She can say her prayers without any help. She can't wait to bless the food that she sometimes says it as she climbs up her highchair.

She has started getting her own water from the water dispenser. Sometimes she makes a big mess but she is getting better at bringing the cup up to the nozzle.

She is always pointing to different parts of her body that are itchy and says "my here!" which is her way of saying that it is itchy over here and she needs some medicine or she wants me to scratch it. She will fall asleep sometimes if I scratch an itchy area lightly.

She has gotten those shape puzzle games down! She can recognize the shape and which hole it goes into.

She has big crying tantrums where she will cry over the smallest thing and then will all of a sudden switch to hysterical laughter.

Her new favourite game is shoving small toys down my top and see how many she can fit inside. If my top is stretchy enough, she will get in too!

She doesn't like to hold hands anymore when we sleep :( She always kicks her blankets off when she sleeps too.

She is sooo clever when it comes to letters and numbers. She is always calling out the things she sees. She must be learning from the iPad apps. She amazes me all the time.

She loves giving high fives and cuddles with a big squeeze!

She is STILL always singing all day long. She always has a tune in her head.

She doesn't understand the concept of being quiet. If I really need her to shush, I'll tell her to be quiet and it's like I'm speaking Chinese to her, she doesn't get it. Or if she thinks she gets it, she will turn the volume down a little but will never completely stop singing or talking.

She bows a complete 90 degrees when saying konichiwa and arigato.

She has learnt not to bring toys into the toilet room and will drop them at the door before she enters.

She likes to play with small dolls and soft toys and will roll-play with them.

She is still afraid of the dinosaurs at the end of the hallway and will close the living room door to keep them out. She says "scary scary!" or "Mummy, kowai!" and will come and hug me.

She gets so upset and discouraged when she gets told off about the smallest thing. For example, if she pinches me out of curiosity and I jump and say "Ow!", she will throw toys, flail her arms, fall to the floor and cry.

She has mastered the alphabet and numbers 1-12 and points them out where ever we go!

She has started calling me Mama instead of Mummy without any kind of prompting. I like it!

She loves wearing dresses so much even in winter and hates it when I make her put on pants. She knows she looks good and doesn't want to kill her "swag" lol

She has a slight lisp now which I noticed one night when she was reciting the alphabet to me. She cannot say words starting with /sn/ without completely omitting the /s/ at the start. So snake becomes nake and snail become nail. I'm sure it's because of tongue placement as the /s/ and /n/ start in the same place for her. I am interested to see how it develops as she gets older.

She still sleeps with her eyes slightly open (like her Daddy!) which is kinda hilarious.

She will talk to me in babble for minutes on end about a story or something she thought was funny. She does this in both her made-up Japanese and made-up English.

She has chipped her front tooth somehow! She is always falling over so I am not surprised but now she will have this chip until her tooth falls out!

She is the CHEEKIEST little girl ever! Always testing my patience and always pushing the boudaries and she does it in her "Aila charm" that I can't always stay mad at her! She's smooth.

She is a Daddy's girl! She loves her Daddy and cries when he leaves for work and jumps up and down when he comes home. 

I cut her fringe and it is very a bit crooked. It took me a while to get used to it but I think her face looks a lot better framed! She looks so cute even if it's a bit choppy!

She can do the peace sign, finally! Sometimes it takes her a while to transition from 3 fingers to just two, but when she gets it, she beams! Her Oma also taught her how to do the thumbs up and she likes to do that and say "good!"

She is always talking. She likes to play restaurant and pretends to take and cook your order.

She likes kissing and will always go for the lips! I try to get her to kiss on the cheek so she doesn't go around kissing people, but alas, she wants the real deal every time. She also doesn't know how long a peck should be and she will lay one on you and stay there for the longest time lol. It can get a little awkward.

Her eczema can get pretty bad sometimes. She gets it mainly behind her neck, behind her knees, her elbows, a little above her armpits and on her cheeks and chin. She scratches all the time, especially at night while she sleeps which can wake her up.

She has now mastered numbers 13-29 and likes to run around the car park finding all the different numbers on the ground marking the car parks.

She still sometimes prefers to play by herself instead of with Reia which can be frustrating for her big sister who is trying to create a big scenario of role play.

If given lollies, she will count them, line them up, and share them with her toys before eating them.

She hates it when anyone joins her in singing along to the "I'm the map" song from Dora the explorer.

She really enunciates her words and if she says it wrong, she will take her time to say it right.

And last of all, she has stopped taking her afternoon nap! (sigh)

Aila, your cheeky smile and warm cuddles are the best!
We love you!

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