18 November 2015

YSA Girls Night!

Last weekend, I hosted a girls night at my house for the YSA girls only. I have been wanting to do more and show then YSA that I am there for them in some way other than just attending YSA classes on Sunday, so Jun and I decided on this. He took the boys and had a sleepover somewhere else and we did our sleepover at our place. I planned so much for this, especially in the days leading up to the night. I usually wouldn't take as much time to do something like this, but because everything is in Japanese, I have to take extra time to figure out what I am going to say.

The food and decorations and I pretty much left to my Mum as I knew she would make it look nice and I did the games, activities and the lesson. For games we played Pretzel Face using gummies instead. Note to self: Do not use candies that will stick to your skin and stop the lolly from sliding across your face. Needless to say, the gummies didn't work so we had to scrap that game. Although, it was funny seeing the girls balancing the gummies on their heads trying to move the gummy with their eyebrows. I also taught them how to play the Chocolate Game which was a party favourite when I was a kid. 

 After games, we had dinner which tasted awesome and looked great thanks to Mum! The girls could not stop raving about the cheeseball which I am sure they have not seen before. Other favourites were the Lemper and the brownies. I had a Banoffee Pie tucked away in the fridge, but because there was enough food, we left it for the next day to take to church. Unfortunately, it was mistaken for the Primary's refreshments and was happily eaten by them. The YSA ate up the leftovers.

After dinner, we had a Craft Corner and I for some reason, really wanted to make Lip Scrubs together. I think because it is easy and I had all the ingredients for it. To fill the small containers I got for them, we mixed 2tsp sugar, 1tsp coconut oil, 3 drops peppermint oil and a drizzle of honey. They loved it! The room smelt amazing and I caught a few girls taste testing their new products lol.


Once the girls had tried and tested out their lip scrubs and had settled down a bit, I finished the night with a lesson. I had thought long and hard about what I wanted to do for a lesson and had a few ideas, but with some inspiration from my sister, Ericca, and the activity she did for her YSA girls, I decided to do the same theme of Disney Princesses. I based my lesson on the talk given by Elder Uchtdorf entitled, Your Happily Ever After. I wrote out all the Princesses names and beside it, a quality that they each possess:

Pocahontas - adventurous
Rupunzel - passionate
Tiana - inspiring
Snow White - compassionate
Cinderella - kind
Aurora - graceful
Mulan - courageous
Ariel - spirited
Belle - loyal
Jasmine - generous
Merida - brave
Esmerelda - fearless
Elsa - powerful 

Most of the qualities I found with a quick Google search which made things easy for me!
Next, together with my other sister, Laura, we came up with items that could represent each Princess and that I could easy buy at the dollar store. In the end, the things I ended up getting were:

Pocahontas - coloured pencils
Rupunzel - purple hair brush
Tiana - cooking chopsticks with frogs on them
Snow White - big red bow magnet that you can hang things on
Cinderella - micro-fibre duster
Aurora - sewing kit
Mulan - fan
Ariel - serving fork
Belle - mirror
Jasmine - sand timer
Merida - solar powered dancing bear 
Esmerelda - tambourine
Elsa - snow globe

To start my lesson, I had the girls draw a random number out of a bag from 1-10 (10 girls). Then I split them into two groups, gave them a pen and piece of paper and laid out all the items on the table for them to see. I explained that they must figure out which item belongs to which princess (I had a list of all their names). The first team to get them all right, wins! They really enjoyed this part and I enjoyed watching them trying to figure them all out. Apparently, the only hard things to get on the list were Belle's and Snow White's items. I knew it would be a bit tricky as Snow White's story and the mirror go hand in hand, but Belle actually used the mirror so I put it for her. I didn't want to just buy an apple for Snow White because I wanted it to be something useful. I could only find small fake apples for craft which I was umm-ing and arr-ing over until I found this big red bow that was really handy. You stick it on the fridge and can bend the ribbons upwards to make hooks to hang things from. I was sold. The first team that finished got them two items mixed up the wrong way, so when I said that they made a mistake... the other team quickly pounced and got me to read their list. They got all of them right, so they won! Based on the order of the numbers that they picked earlier, they were allowed to choose their favourite item to keep. The losing team also got to chose an item. Once everyone had something, I proceeded to tell them the quality of each Princess and that this item represents that. Then in teams, they had to relate their item to it's corresponding quality and then when time was up, share it with everyone.

To wrap it up in the best Japanese I could muster, I shared the story of Rupunzel (thanks Ericca!) and told them how she was stolen as a child and lived her whole life not knowing that she was a Princess. We too are like Rupunzel, living in this world and not knowing that we are Princesses. Daughters of a King. And we shall one day inherit all that he has. A Princess knows her worth and possess all these qualities that these Disney Princess have. We too must possess them and live our lives knowing who and what we are. That was the essence of it!

We ended the program there and the girls were left to mingle, eat and watch Disney movies. It was a really fun night! 5 our of the 10 girls stayed the night and we went to church the next day. I taught the YSA Sunday School lesson and the lesson perfectly matched what I taught the night before. It was about being a chosen generation and how because we are chosen, we have certain responsibilities etc. I brought a Banoffee Pie and left over brownies to share with everyone, but like I said, our Banoffee got eaten lol but it was ok. Everyone had fun and overall, the girls night and also the boys night when really well!

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