02 November 2015

Halloween 2015

Since last Halloween, Reia has been wanting to be a bat. There were a few changes in the middle of the year from us all being bats, to only her being a bat and the rest of us going as skeletons. At the last minute she decided that her and her Daddy would be bats and Aila and I would be cats, and thats what we did!

We helped set up the chapel again this year which was fun. Mum was in there putting in her flair as she does, and in the end I think we all did great. Our costumes were makeshift and last minute but they did the trick. Reia was happy with her bat wings and Aila liked her cat tail.

There were some cool costumes this year! I saw a Uchiha Itachi from Naruto, a mummy, the Harry Potter cast, and four people went as Where's Wally. We had cookie decorating, fishing for lollies, what's in the box, a balloon treasure hunt room, and a mystery box game. Upstairs we had piñatas and refreshments. I could eat that 7 layer dip all day! I made a banoffee pie and Mum made a fruit platter in the shape of a jack o' lantern.

I was running around trying to please my two girls. With Reia wanting to get more candy downstairs, Aila just wanting to sleep and me wanting to eat that dip it was a bit stressful! Luckily Mum was there to help out as Jun was busy being MC. 

It was good fun and the girls both fell asleep after we got home which meant that the adults could watch the Rugby World Cup Final in peace!!! Woooo go the All Blacks!!!

An awesome finish to a happy Halloween :)

Daddy being MC
Introducing our costumes

Wanting to be held by Daddy all night

Pinata time!

My fake eyelash fully coming off lol

She finally dozed off

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