20 October 2015

Visiting Teaching Message October 2015

This months Visiting Teaching message is all about charity, the pure love of Christ.
After reading the message, the first thing that came to mind is how much I have been blessed by the love and charity of my Relief Society sisters here in Japan. 

My health this year has not been the best. I suffered a miscarriage in early January and up until then, I had been very sick with morning sickness. Out of all of my pregnancies so far, that morning sickness was the worst. I could not bear to be anywhere else but my room because of the smells throughout the house. Every room had a different smell and the fridge opening was by far the worst smell ever. I couldn't eat or drink and lost 10 kilos in about 2 weeks. My husband tried his best to take care of the girls by himself and maintain the house at the same time, but in the end it overwhelmed him. That, combined with my sickness and then a sudden miscarriage was a huge blow for us. Firstly, I never thought that would ever miscarry, and secondly, I am in a foreign country where the procedures and language are all different and can be frightening. As soon as it happened, we called the nearest sister to our house and she was at our door in minutes, ready to take us to the hospital and also take our girls for the night. Because of her, Jun and I were able to sort out everything at the hospital, recoup a little, and just mourn together. After the weekend ended, sisters started bringing meals over to our house and that continued for weeks until I was better. The YSA girls helped too. We would have help from the morning until night and they took care of my girls, me, the laundry, the cooking, everything. They were amazing and did not expect anything back in return. Because of the love and charity of these sisters, my little family was able to get back up on it's feet and move forward. I am now pregnant again and when my morning sickness came this time, just like before these wonderful women selflessly helped our family out with meals, cooking, cleaning and babysitting. They organized it all so fast and were happy to help.

I would be a fool not to mention that my Mother-in-Law has also helped tremendously with my current pregnancy. She is currently serving a mission with her husband in Niigata up north and she travelled hours by herself to come and help out. She took a week off from her busy missionary life to cook, clean, and take care of us all. A couple weeks ago, my own Mother made the long journey from New Zealand to Japan to help us for 3 whole months! She has only been here for a short while, but already her impact has been felt. The girls love having her around and playing black-cat with her. She is currently teaching Reia how to read! I am so grateful for these selfless, loving women.

I thought about this kind of pure Christ-like love and how my life would be so different if I was not a member of the church or if there was no Relief Society. During my miscarriage and time of need, I would have been alone in Tokyo as both my family and my husbands family were unable to travel at that time. I can't even begin to imagine what that would have looked like being alone with little to no support, apart from my husband's. To have the Relief Society in my life is such a huge blessing and the service we give to one another keeps going around and is passed from one sister to the next. 

This month we are reminded to have charity. President Monson said this about charity, “It is resisting the impulse to become offended easily. It is accepting weaknesses and shortcomings. It is accepting people as they truly are. It is looking beyond physical appearances to attributes that will not dim through time. It is resisting the impulse to categorize others.” I know personally that this can be really hard to do sometimes, but we learn in the scriptures that we can “pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that [we] may be filled with this love" of Christ and receive help to be more charitable. 

I love the scripture found in Moroni 7:45 which sums up beautifully what charity is. 
It reads: And charity suffereth long, and is kind, and envieth not, and is not puffed up, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil, and rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth, beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.

May we all strive to have more charity and pay forward the charity that is given to us.

Because their aren't a lot of resources out there in Japanese for Visiting Teaching handouts, I started making my own. I printed these out on 89x127mm glossy photo paper and they turned out great! Please feel free to download these and use them for your handouts this month or as something to stick on the fridge as a nice reminder :)



  1. aww that's so hard you poor thing! I can't even imagine - especially after having two healthy girls, and having morning sickness makes people think the pregnancy is going just fine. It's amazing how much people taking time to care for you makes you really feel loved and want to help others in return

    1. Thanks Miranda :D Yeah it was a shock and has made me even more cautious this pregnancy. Morning sickness sucks!