13 October 2015

Undokai 2015 (Sports Day)

Yesterday was Reia's very first Undokai! It was mine also and I did not know what to expect. I thought it would be about 2 hours, 3 hours max. I was NOT expecting it to be 5 hours long! It went from 9am to 2pm but we were up from 3:30 watching the rugby and also making our bento to bring with us. 

Reia had a bit of a cold that day but she was way too excited to participate to worry about being sick. Oma is visiting with us at the moment so she came along with us for the experience. She quickly wilted under the hot sun which was blazing that day! It was seriously hot, I got burnt across the face. I didn't expect it to be so hot as it had rained the whole week before. It pays to check the weather report before leaving the house! We had no hats, no sunblock, and no shade. It was SO hot and I started to wither also in the last couple of hours. 

Reia was a bit tired in the morning but as she started lining up with her classmates on the grounds, her attitude quickly changed. They had their opening exercises and I could finally see what she had been practicing for weeks. She would sing some songs and do some dances for me at home, but it wasn't until I saw the whole thing with the music that it made sense. She did so well! She was 3rd from back of the line and I had to giggle as she went all out during the squatting parts.
All the little kids were so cute and tried their very best. 

Next, Reia did a short sprint against some of her 1st year peers and you could tell that she was holding back. A lot of other kids did this as well. They wanted to keep with the group instead of breaking away. The starting pose she did at the start of the race was hilariously cute. You can tell that all of them had been trained well by their P.E. teachers. She ran all the way to the end but I couldn't quite tell where she placed. It looked like 3rd or 4th but I couldn't tell with peoples heads in the way.

Next up was a pom-pom dance performed with all the 1st years. All of these items were executed so well and the kids stayed in their lines. Everything was so orderly! Big props to all the teachers and parent-helpers. My Mum was so amazed that no-one was shouting out crazily for their kids like they would in NZ. That didn't stop her from cheering on her first grandchild. 

There were lots of events that family members could participate in. The Dad's ran in a relay which was hilarious, the Grandpa's and Grandma's played a throw-the-ball-in-the-basket game, and the little kids ran an easy relay together with a parent. Aila did that one with Jun. She had to run to a ring toss, put a ring on the spoke and run to the other end of the grounds to get her prize. She got a yellow bouncy ball!

After Reia had finished the bulk of her items, she came to our mat and we ate lunch together way ahead of schedule. After lunch, Jun, Mum and Aila went home and Reia and I stayed for the finale as that was Reia's last item. We had nothing to do during the lunch break as we had already eaten, so we just walked around and played. I mostly just wanted to get out of the heat and sit in the shade! Then FINALLy after the longest, hottest wait ever, it was time for her to do the last game which was the suzuwari. The whole school split into four groups and they had to throw these hacky-sacks at the big dangling ball to try crack it open like a pinata. Once it's open, streamers and things break out to congratulate you. I felt for the men holding the staffs up as they would get smacked in the head occasionally by these sacks. Once all four teams cracked their ball open, the teachers released a whole bunch of balloons into the air and as they floated into the sky, one of the teachers said something over the microphone like "May your dreams be like these balloons and soar high in the sky..." A nice way to wrap up a very eventful day. 

Lastly were the closing exercises. They sang their school song and a finale song. At the end, each class got given a small present. Reia's was a lady bug frisbee. 

It was so cool to see her interacting with her mates. She has more boy friends than girls friends. We bought some ice cream after for a job well done. You would think that after a full on day of running around that she would be tired, but nooo. As soon as we finished our ice cream at home, she wanted to take her bike out and go for a ride outside. 

Needless to say, I was wasted and gladly went to sleep a little earlier than usual. Next year I will be more prepared for the weather and the length! It was a great day but so glad it is over lol.

Just arrived

With her class mates

Walking over to the grounds together

Lining up, getting ready to start

Still camera shy

She's got the asian squat down!

Getting ready for her pom-pom dance

Aila drawing doodles in the dirt

Happy Jamu-Jamu dance

Dancing with the first years

She's so happy, she's walking on air

Aila getting ready to run the toddler relay w/ Daddy

Having a break with her friends

On your mark, get set... Go!

She won a bouncy ball!

A much deserved long cool drink of water after that

Waiting for the next relay

The "Obento Run" where you have to assemble a giant bento box

Playing while we wait for her next and final item

Finally, it's time to play the last game!

Suzuwari or bell-breaking game

They cracked it open!

Let the balloons fly!

Waving bye-bye to the balloons (green hat)

It's finished!

Reia my darling, you did amazing and couldn't have made Mama any prouder :)