25 October 2015

Showa Kinen Park October 2015

This past Saturday, we hung out with our friends, Simon and Akane, at the park with our kids for their son's 4th birthday. It was a beautiful day and the park is HUGE so there are heaps of places to play. We first went to the Misty Forest and then the Bouncy Dome. We had never been to these parts of the park before so it was nice to go and explore. 
We ate a shared picnic lunch together and then let the kids play! They loved jumping on the big white "clouds" and then visited the dragon area and climbed those too. Reia was really getting into the climbing part and was determined to reach her Daddy on the other end of the dragon. Aila fell asleep after the domes and slept until it was time to go home.

Everyone was so exhausted after that day and we are all still feeling it! It was an awesome day to be out and about and create new memories with friends.

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