30 October 2015

Lunch Time Viewing at Reia's Kindy

Today, the parents of the 1st years were allowed to come into the classrooms and view the kids eating their lunch. At first, this kind of lunch-viewing day seemed kind of odd to me, but once we were there I realized there were a few things the kids had learned to do. 
Reia was sitting down, fully aware of my camera ready and poised for a smile, but Reia looked a bit nervous and didn't give me many opportunities ( ≧Д≦)

The teacher played a little jingle on the piano which meant it was time for lunch. Then 5 children were selected to be the lunch-helpers for the day and they each wiped down a table. Then the girls and boys went and got their bags separately and hung it on the back of their chairs. When it was time, they all took out their cutlery sets, place mats, aprons and cups and waited for the next instruction. The teacher played another jingle on the piano which meant it was time to close their eyes and go to sleep. I was not sure what this part was for but assumed it was to calm everyone down before eating time. The bento boxes were handed out and they sand a little song before tucking in. It was all done very methodically and the kids were all well behaved. The teachers have trained them so well! 

Reia ate all of her rice first before touching anything else. She loves plain white rice, but will not touch it if you mix it with anything else, like furikake. Her bento was the only one without any furikake on it. I think she was a bit excited but also shy that we were there along with other parents being stared at.

After finishing her meal, she brought her plate up to us to show us what she had and hadn't eaten. Her Oma asked if Aila could have her leftovers. Reia laughed, said no and then swung her plate out of reach (*´艸`*)

Aila did not like being stuck in one place for the whole time and had to leave at one point to avoid a tantrum. She was enticed back inside onto a chair with some chocolate bread lol.

It was nice so see a little bit inside Reia's world and what she is learning at youchien :)

Saying hi to us
Waiting for lunch
During the "sleep" time
Getting her things organized
Starting off with the rice
Taking a second to pose for me
Aila in the corner with her chocolate bread
A bit too much on the fork
Looking but not smiling
Almost done with her rice
Yum yum yum
Not wanting to share the leftovers!

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  1. She's like you never wanting to share her left overs when we were kids, hahaha.