05 August 2015

Reia is 4!

She is FOUR

Reia has been looking forward to her birthday ever since we celebrated her 3.5 year mark. It was at that moment that she realized what birthdays were and could not wait for the real one. She gave me specific instructions to bake her an Octonauts cake and over time, as we went past Jun's and Aila's birthdays, the image of her cake evolved into a green, ice-cream, mango, Octonauts cake. Thankfully, I was able to persuade her to whittle it down to  a mango-octonauts cake, and that's what she got!

Her birthday was both a hit and a flop at the same time.

The day started like any other Sunday, she woke up sleepy-eyed and ready to start getting ready for church. Once I said it was her birthday, she instantly perked up and looked around for balloons or presents or anything to signify her becoming 4. Admittedly, I hadn't planned on putting up decorations until after we got home from church which was when the party would be starting. Her Aunty and cousin were coming and there would be food and fun games to play. She seemed a bit confused because there were no balloons like when it was Aila's birthday, so I explained that all of that would be done after church and she seemed fine with that. I gave her some breakfast to eat while I got Aila ready but she didn't touch any of it. I thought maybe she was still tired so I didn't think much of it. I also didn't want her to waste good food, so I blended up her banana with some yoghurt and raspberries to make a smoothie as I was sure she would drink it up. She came to me a couple minutes later, handing me her smoothie and said her throat hurts. She had said the same thing last night. An alarm went off in my head and I quickly examined her hands and her feet and finally her mouth and sure enough, small red spots were surfacing all over her palms, soles and around her mouth. I knew then she had contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. And on the morning of her birthday it decided to rear its ugly head! I checked Aila and she too had the same symptoms. Aaaaahhhh why now? Why today? I have dreaded this sickness because of the blisters that can form in the mouth and throat that sound so painful! We cancelled the party, the girls and I didn't go to church, we just stayed inside, quarantined in our own home. Jun went to church at taught my YSA lesson for me and the girls and I stayed cool inside and I tried to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Thankfully, they didn't get a fever, they didn't get a lot of blisters in their mouths and overall, they were still happy and cheerful. The blisters eventually got bigger and spread to more parts of their little bodies.

Jun went to church and the girls cooled down in the bath. While they were in there, I set up the table and started preparing the food which we had more than enough of for the four of us. When Reia came out and saw the balloons and the pink set up she was so excited and kept saying "Mummy, did you do this for me?! Thank you, Mummy!" 

When Jun came home, we began the festivities! We ate and played our games and despite the girls being sick and not being able to eat much, they still had a great time.

Here is how Reia has developed these past 6 months:

She is starting to dress herself now and loves to pick out her own clothes in the morning. She is learning how to fold her pajamas.

She takes sooo long to finish her meals! I usually need to help her near the end of it. Aila will finish way before her. I think it is because Reia will get distracted or not like what she is having.

She still wants me to go to the toilet with her.

She things there are ghosts in the hallway.

Her favourite colour is pink.

She isn't that into drawing or colouring in. She gives up before she tries.

Poos, farts and wees is still a hilarious topic for her and she will crack up with Aila over anything about these things.

Her egg allergy is slowly disappearing. She can eat takoyaki and some other things without getting a sore tummy, so I know it is slowly getting better. She has still never had an egg before.

Compared to a few weeks ago, she has been eating so much lately! Usually she just nibbles and complains that there is nothing she can eat, but lately she has been shoving food down! Growth spurt?

She get's super excited and also super defiant when we are over at a friend's house or people are over at ours. I know it's because she is so excited but man oh man can she put on a show when I tell her she can't do something!

She knows the difference between night and day and describes them as moon and sun. So if I say we are going shopping she will ask "In the sun?" or "In the moon?" She has started correcting herself with using the correct terms, daytime and nighttime.

She brings toys to bed with her and will tuck them in under a blanket, pillow or the futon itself.

There always needs to be a reason for everything. If I say no to something she will demand to know why. And rightly so I guess! Explaining myself every single time can be pretty tiring.

She started kindy! Her class name is Sumire-4. She loves going, didn't even cry on the first day and looks forward to going and seeing her friends. After only a week, she stopped turning around and waving to me on the bus in the mornings. Sad, but also relieved to know that she is okay going by herself. I think the language barrier is still in play and she doesn't quite have enough Japanese to communicate with her friends. This doesn't stop her from trying and she boldly says what she can and seems to have made a few friends.

She doesn't listen anymore. She will hear me and then quickly offer her rebuttal which really tests my patience! I feel like I have been giving in to her more lately with snacks and things just to keep her quiet but at the same time, she now complains more when she doesn't get her way! I need to be more consistent!

When I ask her what hairstyle she wants that day, she will answer with a Disney princess's name. The Rapunzel is a ponytail, Ariel is hair out, Elsa is a braid, Ana is a bun.

After being in New Zealand for 2 months and attending kindy there, her English has improved so much! She was able to play and interact with English speaking kids for what I think, is the first time.

She likes to play Go Fish! and Snap. She has actually learnt the alphabet letter names really well, upper and lower case, by playing Go Fish! She can also put the letters of the alphabet in order by herself. I think it is time to start teaching her how to read!

She can count up to 29 now! We practice counting after playing Snap to see who has the most cards. The next numbers hilariously becomes 20-10, 20-11, 20-12 etc. Gotta give her props for figuring out a pattern!

She is very inquisitive and is always always asking questions about everything!

She likes croissants, bread with the crusts cut off, penne pasta bake, spaghetti and meatballs, spam, corn, strawberries and chocolate milk. She dislikes anything new and anything green, in particular, capsicum.

It's been a great 6 months watching her grow into a inquisitive, bright and bubbly girl!

Love you, Reia xo

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  1. Dani- Sorry to hear that your babies were ill. Very interesting story about Reia turning 4. I don't know where the stubbornness comes from either but my great grandson also shows flashes of stubbornness. Might be the Asian part of them! :). I enjoyed reading your commentary very much.
    Take care-