22 July 2015

Nouryou Kai 2015

On Sunday, it was Reia's very first Nouryou Kai or Enjoy-the-Cool-Evening Summer Party at her youchien/kindergarten. She wore a blue yukata with a yellow sash and big flower clips in her hair. It was nice to see her in her school environment with her class mates and seeing her interact with the other kids. Everyone looked so cute in their outfits! Aila went dressed in her jinbei and had no problem blending in with the other older kids.

We went together with our Chinese neighbours in their car which saved us walking in the heat. There were dancing games, balloon yo-yos, prizes, shaved ice, chilled tomatoes, baked potatoes and dango. Everyone wanted shaved ice so the line was so long and they soon ran out of ice! Luckily, we got some before it closed. Aila, however, managed to drop her bowl right on the floor so we were only left with two, but that was enough.

Reia had been learning and practicing the bon dances at youchien for a couple of weeks and when everyone lined up and the music began, it was show time! She danced her little heart out and all the moves she had showed me at home all made sense with the music playing. She looked like she was having a great time!

The whole thing lasted 2 hours and then it was time to go home and have a bath! The girls were hot and bothered and went to bed quite quickly. They had a great time :D

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