04 March 2015

Toddler Photo Challenge!

For my August Mums group on Facebook, I decided that it might be an idea to do an weekly photo challenge of our kids so that we can all keep up-to-date with our kids development. They are all Kiwi mums and had their babies in August 2011, making their kids all Reia's age. Even though I don't know these women personally, they have been such a help and support for me while I have been over here in Japan!

Here are the shots:

1. With Mummy

2. Bath time

3. Shopping trolley shot

4. At the park

5. Eating

6. Caught being naughty

7. Sleeping

8. Reading a book

9. Crying

10. With her favourite toy

11. Secretly take a photo of them doing something without them knowing

12. Holding hands with someone

13. Laughing

14. Hugging someone. Or tackle in this case. 

16. Playing dress ups (Queen Elsa)

17. Helping with a chore

All pics from 2014


  1. Those are great photos Dani. Such a beautiful family. When my granddaughter was very young, she used to squint when she smiled just like your older daughter does. It is so cute. :)

    1. Thank you, James :) They grow up so fast!!

  2. I'm going through every single blog post you've written for the past few months and I JUST LOVE your life dani! Reia is getting so big, but i love all of these beautiful pictures you posted from your weekly challenge!

    1. Aw thanks Nea!! As your kids get older, the photos get more interesting ;) I'm gonna do the same for Aila for comparison. I Love seeing pics of miss Roxy! She's gonna be a stunner like her Mum for sure!