02 February 2015

Reia's 3.5 Year Mark

It's Reia's turn for an update! She is now 3.5 years old and growing so fast!

She has taken a huge liking her to Daddy and will follow him everywhere. She will pick him over me most times. I am hugging Aila a little more tightly these days lol.

She get's really weird around people and will say no a lot more. I think it is because she get's anxious when people look at her and she becomes the center of attention.

Her Japanese is getting better. The more she hangs out with Japanese people, the more her vocab grows! Just the other day she was saying "minna" and "kashite" which were new words. She ends her sentences a lot with "yo" as well.

She is a lot more sassy! She isn't that bad but it is definitely a change from the angel she was when she was 1 and a half and couldn't talk back to me and would answer only "yes" to everything! Hahaha

She stomps her feet in protest when she doesn't get her way. One time on our way home after hula, she said that she wanted a donut from Mister Donut, so I said yes and we went inside. There were two doors to get into the shop, one regular pull forward door and one sliding door. To open the sliding door you need to push a button and because we were in a hurry and Reia was too slow, I pushed it and she did not like that at all! She started stomping her feet and screaming "No! Reia wants push a button!" and once we got into the shop she protested again in the middle of the shop, big stomps, big tears, big voice. I looked at her thinking whose child are you? That was first. I promptly scooped her up and we left the shop just as quickly as we had entered. She was not happy and cried all the way to the train station. That's what you get for having a tantrum. Nothing! Looking back, I should have anticipated that she would have wanted to push the button but you know what, we haven't had another public tantrum like that since.

Her Japanese vocab has increased heaps! I want to start teaching her hiragana so she isn't so behind when she enters kindy next year.

Her hair is pretty long now too. It's half way down her back.

She has become my litter Aila interpreter! She knows exactly why Aila is crying whether it be hungry, sleepy, or poo poo's! When Aila is crying, Reia will tell me the reason why. I have to say, it is a life saver sometimes!

Despite having a mountain of toys to play with, she love the little miniature sized ones the most. They go everywhere with her. She has sheep, Sanrio characters, Pokemon, and Yokai Watch figurines. She really likes the Gatcha machines at Donki which are like lucky dip kinder surprise toy eggs. I have been making her work for her 200 yen to buy her toys. She gets really motivated and excited when I put 100 yen in her little wallet. I don't know if teaching her this early to work for things will make her more motivated to work or more expectant of a reward after she works or both.

Her and Aila have the funniest laughing sessions about nothing. They just laugh at each other which is hilarious.

She has started drinking more milk. She never used to like it much before but now she has taken a liking to it. She also loves crunchy peanut butter on toast.

Opa got her some kinetic sand from NZ and she loves it!!! It keeps her occupied for so long. It's really cool!

Reia performed in her first ever performance in front of an audience! She walked out on stage and then got a bit of stage fright and went stiff after seeing all the people. Jun saw her like that and called her over. When she saw him she started to cry big tears lol. Poor thing. I hope she will get over that because I foresee a lot of performances in the near future!!

She speaks in third person so everything starts with Reia i.e. Reia's hungry, Reia wants to eat ice cream, Reia's sleepy etc. This means when she wants something it sounds really demanding so we are teaching her how to ask using "Can I/you...". So far so good.

She likes to line up her toys in a row and play make-believe with them. It takes me back to when I played with my stuffed animals! She talks to them in both English and Japanese. Her nursery teachers always tell me how much her Japanese has improved!

On the train, the backs on the chairs have bumps in between each seat to divide the bench into seats. Reia calls these bumps "boobies." When I asked her if they were hers she said "No, I have little one boobies!" Hahaha

Another on-the-train story, we were sitting down next to an elderly man when Reia let a silent-but-violent one fly and the man next to us whipped his head around to see where the smell was coming from. Reia cracks up laughing and says "Reia kusai ne!" which means, "Reia smells!" Never a dull moment.

She has a short fine white line of tiny white baby hairs on the end up her nose. You can only see it sometimes. It is one of those things only a parent would know about. She has had it since birth but it's still there!

Reia always says OK? at the end of a sentence now to make sure I agree or to get my approval. For example, One orange for Reia and one for Aila, OK?
And if I say no to anything, she responds with Whyyyyy?

We are still studying hiragana (Japanese alphabet) and the ABC's! It takes a lot of patience but she is getting there slowly!

She still hates brushing her teeth.

She sometimes talks to Aila in baby talk which is really cute :)

Her favourite tv shows is Octonauts and she lights up and says "It's my favourite!" when it comes on.

She can say the alphabet pretty well now. The LMNO part is a bit muddled, but all other letters are spot on.

She hates it when I get angry at Aila and will switch to protective sister mode and will try protect her. It's a valiant act but the little girl has to learn.

Her favourite friend is Shouta kun. She is always saying how much she loves him and always wants to play with him. She gets so excited when they are together.

She is always singing songs. Her new fav is "A Whole New World" from Aladdin.

She enjoys scary videos/movies. They are age appropriate stuff. Things like cartoony ghosts or Halloween witches and things that jump out and give you a fright. She quite enjoys that. She of course loves Halloween and is always talking about when she wants us all to go as. So far she would like to be a bat with wings and the rest of us will be skeletons.

She will wake sometimes in the middle of the night when she is starting to wee which means crying and wet clothes. I am trying to discourage that and teach her to wake up before it happens. She is getting there.

She has graduated from Nursery at church and has started Primary!! I can't believe it!!! My little girl is in Primary! Wow, I didn't think I would be one of those gushy mothers, but I guess I am lol

Her Japanese has improved sooo so much since the last time I mentioned it. People are always telling me how much more she speaks and I'm always skeptical because when I hear her, she makes up things for words she doesn't know. But I do know for sure, her lexicon has expanded! I am excited for her to start kindy in April!

Youkai Watch, Octonauts, Let's Tensai Terebi Kun are her favourite tv programs. She is always holding out for them.

Her best friend Shouta kun is moving to Belgium! So sad! She always puts aside lollies for him or wants to show him things. He is such a nice little boy and they play so well together. I am going to be sad for them when he leaves!

She loves all things bum related and has started teaching Aila how to make fart noises. In Japanese you say "pu~" to mimic the sound and the two of them prance around the house orchestrating a grand symphony of flatulence melodies.

She has picked up some hiragana! I have been teaching her with flashcards for a few months now and she is getting it! We were outside one day and she could read a drainage sign on the floor saying おすい。That means sewage lol.
She is anti-all things new. If we are eating something new she will say "I don't like ......." The same is with anything she is unfamiliar with.

Her memory is pretty good! Now she can tell me about memories of events in the past which is cool. If she has a sudden recollection of something, she will let me know about it.

She picks up things quickly now. I only need to show her how to do something once and she will get it. She will listen to songs or videos and from them will pick up new words. She gets excited when she hears a word that she knows.

She is always interrupting me or another grown up when we are speaking. I am trying to teach her the wrist method where the child touches the parent's wrist and waits. The parent places a hand over their wrist as recognition and turns to the child when they are finished. I will update in her next post how that goes.

She is fascinated with the numbers 6 and 9 and how you can change them by turning them upside down. The same goes for squares and diamonds.

Her kisses are the best! She likes to kiss me on the cheek before bed or whenever she says thank you and they are so soft and heartfelt!

She has been looking forward to her 3 and a half birthday ever since Aila got her one. She has been asking me for an Octonauts birthday cake ever since. She doesn't even eat cake! Lol don't know what I am going to do.

She reverts back into being a baby and wants me to baby her like how I baby Aila. I guess it's only natural to want to be treated the same.

She attributes everything with feelings and treats them accordingly, even if it's a suitcase. I went to put the suitcases outside at night as a reminder to throw them away and she started protesting saying it was too cold for them. I ended up putting them inside because I could see her feeling sorry for them. She gets emotionally attached to inanimate objects such as a small bouncy ball or a toy and gets emotional when that thing is being unfairly treated i.e. not being able to eat dinner. I used to be the same with my soft toys when I was younger and it lasted all the way until high school.

She knows my real name! She now knows the difference between Mummy and Daddy and our real names. She asked me my name and I answered "Mummy" and she said "No, it's Danielle!" lol

We practice hiragana every now and then and she is getting good! I have to make it a game so that she gets into it. She loves to win and sulks when she loses lol. Aila will always try to take our flash cards and bend and break them.

She still hates brushing her teeth and will still want me to help her go to the toilet even though she is completely capable on her own.

She is still allergic to egg whites. One time she ate a macaroon and she said it hurt her tummy. For dinner we had some chips (fries) with some other stuff and she said " The chips are fighting the cookie (macaroon) in my tummy!" She really likes chips lol and she knew that the egg in the macaroon and imagined the chips battling the eggs and getting rid of the pain lol.

She is loud in public and will sing at the top of her lungs. She get's a few looks but neither of us care.

She loves to use scissors now. She loved to cut things so much, I had to get her her own pair so she didn't accidentally cut a finger off with the adult ones. Whenever she finds a tag or something, she will know exactly what to do and will cut it off. I sense she gets some satisfaction from it. She is also interested in using a knife and will want to help me in the kitchen. She still doesn't know to keep her fingers out of the way and nicked herself one time.

Bath bombs are a hit. She loves holding it as it fizzes and seeing what toy is inside.

She is still struggling with getting dressed. Taking off her top is the hardest. When she gets frustrated, she'll cry. She has been able to get dressed and undressed a couple times by herself but we are still working on it.

Her hair is so long now and so shiny and smooth. Wish I had nice hair like that lol. It's now past half way down her back.

She has already chosen out the Halloween costumes for all of us this year. She will be a bat, Aila will be a witch and Jun and I will both be skeletons. One time she wanted so badly to have some wings, I fastened on a shawl to her wrists, clipped the back to her collar and she was so excited to finally fly! You can imagine her disappointment when she couldn't actually fly. Her face was priceless! She tried for so long jumping and flapping but to no avail. In the end, she ran up and down the hallway, flapping her wings and jumping to get some air time. When that got tiresome, she asked me to pick her up and take her around the house. It's times like these that I miss being a kid and the imaginative things they come up with.

She likes to listen to the BINGO song before bed and calls it the Mango song. It took me so long to figure out what song she wanted to listen to because she kept on saying Mango! Mango! Jun figured it out from her humming the tune.

Now that she is 3.5 and Aila is 1.5, I can see how much Reia has grown since she was Aila's age. I remember thinking when Reia was 1.5 that I didn't want her to grow anymore! She was just a delight to be around and I wanted to stay in those moments forever. The same is with Aila. She is so fun, playful and snuggable :) 1.5 is a special age! It doesn't take long before Aila too will be more independent and less snuggable. Reia still likes getting hugs but she is rougher now and can play fight (which hurts sometimes!) and have a full conversation which is a big reminder that she is not my cute wee 1.5er anymore. But at the same time, it is so exciting to see her learn and get things. Hearing her try form sentences, try out new words, get the pronunciation mixed up, making new friends, getting excited about her favourite cartoon charaters etc. I love seeing the wonder in her eyes! I don't have too long before she starts kindy, and when that happens, she won't stop going to school until after university! Our mother-daughter time at home is coming to an end! She is a bit afraid at the thought of kindergarten, but I am sure that she will be fine and will make many friends. She has always been good at speaking up to random kids and getting them to play with her. I am excited and nervous for her! She is such a helpful and caring girl. Always saving food for when her Daddy gets home from work, always helping Aila do things she has trouble with, wanting to help me with the cleaning. I feel that the next 6 months are going to go by pretty quickly and then she will be FOUR! 

We love you, Reia! Always stay your sweet self xoxo


  1. Quote ~ "to mimic the sound and the two of them prance around the house orchestrating a grand symphony of flatulence melodies." ~ Quote.

    Hilarious!! :) I love it. :)
    - James

    1. Haha! Well they do :) It's pretty funny!

  2. My great grandson Lukas who has already learned how to be a practical joker at 2 years old. :)

    - James