20 January 2015

Aila's 1.5 Year Mark

One and a half today! We celebrated with some lemon and blueberry cupcakes and sang "Happy half birthday to you~". The girls both loved the candles and singing in the dark ^_^

As always, these milestones are written in chronological order:

She walks!!! It didn't take long after her 1st birthday for her to start walking. Now she is walking here and there but only for short distances before toppling over.

She has an infatuation with mouths and is always trying to stick her fingers into others people's mouths.

She is the lightest sleeper everrr! I will put her to bed and lie down with her and every 5 minutes or so she will open her eyes to check if I am still there. She will also make sure that she is touching me just in case I decide to make a run for it. And if I do decide to try to escape, she will hear the sound of my knees cracking as I attempt to sit up which sounds like a tree falling in that situation, and she will hear it and know exactly what I am trying to do lol.

She loves it when I mimic her. We are always going back and forth in squeaks. She likes to switch it up a bit with the tone and thinks it's hilarious when I copy her. She also likes it when I copy her shaking her head. She copies me when I wiggle my tongue. Too easy to please this girl.

She can put her hands together when we say Gochisousamadeshita and can say the "ta" at the end.

She eats a LOT! I had to wean her off not long after she turned one because of medicine that I needed to take and ever since then, she has just been a little muncher! She can definitely eat more than Reia!

She can walk pretty fast now. Still a bit wobbly but she has picked up the pace. She says ee-ta-ee-ta as she walks which is her way of saying ichi-ni-ichi-ni (1-2-1-2).

She loves the movie Rio and can sing the chorus to the opening song. She also knows some other parts of the movie. She flaps her arms along during the songs (it's a movie about birds).

She said "Bye-Bye" and waved today! I think this is her first real word aside from mama, Aila, ba! and random things like a-pu-pu (which I think is from the Daruma-San song). She has also started singing the theme song to Rio!! I was so amazed! One day while ric was still here, she sung "Rio~ Rio~ All by itself." The last word was a bit questionable but the rest was definitely there! She lights up when I stick that DVD on. It's definitely her fav.

I know that she trusts me completely becaue if I stick her up somewhere high-ish, she will jump down straight into my arms without any prompting and sometimes when I am not ready yet! Haha she loves it.

She can separate thick book pages with her thumbs. I thought that was pretty cool because I haven't spent a lot of one-on-one time with her and books. But she knows!

She can copy words that I say. For example, peekaboo was bee-bee-boo lol. Not quite the same but I find it interesting to see how babies interpret the sounds around them.

She squeals really loud and in a high pitched voice when she is excited!

She has a new tooth! The poor girl teethes so slowly. The rate is about 1 tooth every 3 months! You can see the tooth buds in the gums but they just wont pop out.

I might have said this before, but I'll say it again, Aila can EAT! I thought I was going to have problems with her eating food because she was so picky when she was still breastfeeding, but once I cut off that supply, her appetite kept growing!

She has picked up signing!!! I tried teaching her how to say "more please" a while a go and kept at it for about 2 weeks but she didn't show any signs of understanding so I stopped. Then one day during dinner about 2 weeks later, I was feeding her and I said "more please" asking her if she wanted more, and she signed! I was so amazed!! I had forgotten all about that and somewhere in her little developing mind, she remembered and did it! I thought that maybe the sign was too complicated but she did it perfectly! Since then, I have been teaching her more signs and she can pick them up so fast now. On the Shinkansen on the way home to Tokyo, I taught her "one more," as in one more time. She can also sign "sleepy" and "niko niko" which means smile :) I am in the process of teaching her "nappy" when she wants to be changed. I am all ready dreading the toilet training process so hopefully this makes it a bit easier!

I think it's safe to say that she does not like bananas, kiwi fruit or anything mushy.

We went to Osaka to stay with Jun's family for a few days which was fun. While we were there, Aila learnt how to climb down the stairs. She can come down facing forwards and backwards.

She throws herself (forwards or backwards) when she is upset. Just in general, she will walk towards you and stop within her body's length and then throw herself at you. Her head butts pack a punch!

She scrunches her eyes up for prayers and can say "Amen" afterwards. She will repeat this over and over again! I love how she screws up her face but tries to look at me at the same time, it's so cute! I have been trying to encourage the girls to say prayers by enthusiastically putting my hand up and saying "Me! Me! Me!" after asking who wants to pray. They girls have picked it up too now and will both shout "Me! Me! Me!" Reia is a bit hesitant around people or when she is annoyed, but Aila hasn't gotten to that stage yet and will always volunteer herself.

I may have written this before, but she sings! She can sing the melodies and some words to her favourite tunes. The ones that she loves to sing regularly are Rio, Anpanman and Youkai Watch. She also knows "I am a child of God" and "Popcorn Popping."

She mimics me a lot and will just copy the things I do or say. She likes to say a-chi-chi (hot), Daddy, Mummy, Reia, Aila, mame (dame which means 'not allowed'), Apapa (Anpanman). She copies me when I cough.

She is always talking in her own language especially when she is upset. It is like she is trying to tell me what the matter is but I can't understand her! Reia sometimes talks back to her in baby babble and they have a full blown conversation.

Her hair is perfectly cropped the same length all the way around her head lol. I get asked often if I cut it that way but nope, we haven't cut her hair yet! It comes down to under her nose at the front.

She knows so much of the movie Rio and will follow along with it with great timing!

She can now drink from a cup without spilling it everywhere. Now we just need to work on her holding the cup!

She loves singing Row-Row-Row Your Boat (just like Reia did!) and can say "One more!" and will point at her cheek. Signing is proving to be very useful!

She is always singing something or pretending to read a book (usually upside down). I love hearing her little baby babble. The cutest thing! Her fav songs to sing are the opening songs for Rio, Totoro, Anpanman (she says Anpan di-di for the kimi part), Youkai Watch, Alphabet song, Old Mac Donald.

I thought she only had 8 teeth (4 up top and 4 down the bottom) but after a huge grin, I noticed that two sneaky canines have cut through up top. However, this leave a bit of a gap between the 4 front teeth and the canines. The tooth in that gap is almost out, just taking it's time. Her teeth are quite slow to come down and does cause her quite a bit of pain.

She says "hello!" when ever someone walks into the room. She can also say hi, dame, one more, no no, Aila, Mummy, Daddy, poo poo, wee wee, bee bee (nappy), and good girl (sounds more like gu-gir), ow, okay, open, close, yay, apple. If I say "Ready..." she will say "go!" afterwards. She understands a lot more of what I say too, like "wipe/blow your nose" and "put it back."

Her first coherent English sentence is "I did a poo poo" lol. She says it and smiles a cheeky smile :) You would think it would be something like "I'm hungry" or "I love you", but noo. "I did a poo poo" is the winner. Gotta love the way she says it though! So so cute!

She has recently taken an interest in small towels and will shake them, throw them, run around with them, drape them around her head and shoulders etc. She just randomly picked up a tea towel one day and started running around with it. Now she will dig into the tea towel pile and scatter them around all over the place. I have since then put up a barrier to the kitchen to keep it clean.

She gets into everything!! She's at that touchy stage and I am constantly putting books back on the shelves, clothes in the drawers, food in the pantry. She just loves taking things out of boxes and bags and strewing them all over the place.

She wakes in the middle of the night and will just cry. I have to tuck her in again and hold her hands so she can go back to sleep. Sometimes, she wanders over to Daddy's side of the bed and crawls in with him. She is always kicking off her blankets which has me worried because it's winter at the moment. I will sometimes wake to find her blanket-less and cold but sleeping soundly. I don't know how she does it!

She has started mimicking her big sister and has learnt "na-na-na-naa-na-pu~." Pu is the sound of a fart in Japanese lol and the way she says it is so funny. Whenever she says it in front of Japanese people, they always crack up laughing.

She is always up in my face saying "Hello!"

When I am getting her dressed, she can change whatever she is holding from one hand to the other so I can get her hands through the sleeves.

She now has 11 teeth with two more on the way! Poor thing, her teeth are pretty big and the teething process has not been kind to her. Her bottom front teeth are also starting to turn inwards.

When she is told off, she tries her best not to cry and will try to make me laugh to lighten the mood lol. It is so sad to see her on the brink of tears! But she still has a lot to learn.

She refuses to let me feed her sometimes which is frustrating for me when dinner is something like curry. She smears it everywhere!

She loves necklaces and all things necklace-like. You will always see her with something around her neck. Gotta keep an eye on this girl!

Hates hot food and hates waiting for it to cool down. If I tell her it's still hot, she'll throw her head back. I think she has been a little too hasty one too many times lol.

She is such a cute little girl with a perfectly shaped natural bob. She is always smiling and running around with her eyes to the sky. She is fearless and with take things head on (literally). She is always rolling, jumping, climbing, toppling over things and has the most infectious laugh.

Happy 1 and a half little girl <3

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  1. Quote ~ "to mimic the sound and the two of them prance around the house orchestrating a grand symphony of flatulence melodies." ~ Quote.

    Hilarious!! :) I love it. :)
    - James