21 November 2014

Shichigosan 2014

Reia turned 3 this year and in Japan, that is means for celebration! 

Shichigosan literally leans 7-5-3 which are considered lucky numbers. When girls turn 3 and 7, and boys turn 5 they will typically dress up in a kimono, go to a shrine, get blessed by a priest and have a nice meal afterwards. Others like to go to a photo studio and take kimono photos instead. That it was we opted for and the photos are sooo cuuuute!

I started mentally preparing Reia the day before by telling her that she was going to wear a kimono tomorrow and take photos. She perked up and got excited about it! I asked her what colour kimono she wanted to wear and she was set on yellow for her and pink for Aila. My though process was if she is comfortable in the clothes she is in, the better the photos will be! All day and the next morning she was asking when she would be able to wear her kimono. I was glad she was excited!

We got to Laquan Studio in Kichijoji and headed to the the room where all the dresses were. There were a lot of nice kimonos to choose from! She decided on a cute yellow one and a pink one for Aila like she had planned. When it was time for hair and makeup she was not happy! She cried and wailed for a good 5 minutes before the staff plugged in a portable DVD player to watch Anpanman. Worked a treat! Her hair was done so cute and very Japanese. She had powder and blush on her face but put her foot down at the lipstick lol. She absolutely refused to wear it. Aila didn't put up that much of a fuss and looked cute in her pink kimono. However, during the actual shoot she would not keep still! That is why there aren't many of the two of them together because Aila would just run away haha. Jun and I also got dressed into our traditional wear. He had a dark grey and silver one and I chose an off white/pale yellow to tie in with everyone elses.

Reia did so much better than our last photo shoot! She was so much more comfortable in her kimono and did well. Aila was more of a handful this time around. As for my hair, I had no idea how to do "kimono hair" so I just rolled it up in a french twist (yeah PCC! lol), clipped it and added a flower and I was done. Felt a lot better than paying 4000 yen! Although, some of the hair styles were so cool looking! I loved Reia's hair and studied how it was done before I took it out so I could replicate it hahaha.

When it was time to get into her next outfit, she put up a bit of a fuss. She loved her yellow kimono so much! It had matching shoes and a bag to go with and I loved the accessory in her hair because it dangled. It was either that or a bow, but the dangly clip was so much better. Anyway, I managed to get her into her next dress by talking about what she wanted to eat for dinner lol. Her and Aila woke up right before the shoot and you aren't allowed to eat in the studio so I had to sneak them food in the bathroom! It was a very clean bathroom. They were so hungry which doesn't make for good photos. She said she wanted to eat chips, orange juice and apple juice for dinner. Interesting to know what was at the top of her list. We managed to get her dressed as she was preoccupied with thoughts of food lol. She looked like a princess! She had on a sparkly tiara, necklace and earrings which just made everything even more glamorous! I had to stop myself from admiring her so much!

We went into such a cute room with different backdrops. I loved the bird cage and the purple flower wall. She was kind of cranky and hungry by this time and just wanted to get her chips and juice! We managed to get some good shots but I can't help but think that if they had full tummies, there could have been so many more!! 

Jun and I were talking afterwards and he thinks the she could be a kimono model hahaha. I also think she could model but business wise, she doesn't cooperate too well and gets distracted a lot. Maybe all 3 year old are like that, but definitely when she is older and more aware about what is happening, I can see her modeling some things. If only she would stop avoiding the camera! She looks everywhere else except for the camera lens. The camera lady did a good job using toys and things to get her to look. But all in all she was so much better. Hopefully as she gets older she learns to like taking photos.

The next time we take photos like these it will be when Aila turns 3!