10 July 2014

Jun's 30th Birthday!

My hubby turned 30 yesterday!! Wooow, time is really flying by fast now. I can't believe we are at that stage, in the next decade of our lives (me almost)! He had to work which was stink but before we sent him off, we had a light breakfast and opened presents.

I knew that he probably wouldn't want to eat anything heavy so we kept it light and had fruit kebabs with a sweet cream cheese dip. We had his birthday cake out for candles sake, but ate mini muffins instead and kept the cake for dessert that night. 

I bought his present ( brand new razor!) 2 weeks before which took a load off looking for something. Reia got him some chocolates and Aila gave him a kiss lol All day, actually all week, I had been wracking my brain and was trying to think what I should cook for dinner and for the life of me I just couldn't get it together! I have also in the past done things that I think were cool, like balloons hanging from the ceiling etc. just to make it look festive. For some reason, when I have done these things, I have felt that Jun doesn't appreciate the gesture as much as I want him too lol. I mean, he says Oooh and stuff, but I don't know, I guess I am just not sure what he actually thinks. So this year I was kind of lost as to what to do. I decided to make roast beef which was a first for me. I tried to make it fancy but things weren't coming together which was frustrating! The beef, mashed potatoes, and gravy were very nice but the pumpkin and carrots turned out dry. I tried to keep it low key because I didn't know if going all out with decorations would be worth it all. I should have done it anyway. 

We ate dinner then busted out the strawberry cake and hokey pokey ice cream! The main event of course. We scoffed that down and then went out on the deck to light sparklers. And I didn't know that the cinders on the sparklers over here fall off and they blackened and melted small spots into the flooring of our deck!! Argh!! I noticed after 3 sparklers that they were burning holes into the floor but second guessed myself and we finished the rest of the pack. I was hoping I would be able to brush off the cinders but nope! Small black holes all over the deck! Waaaaaaah! It reminds me of when I was young and threw a whole bunch of pop-on-contact firework bombs onto the wall of our house which left brown marks lol. Pup was not happy! After that we got ready for bed and that was pretty much our day! Nothing too fancy. Can't do too much when all you have is 7-7:30am and after 8pm! But that is the life of working Japanese men!

Next year I will make it better for him for sure. I realized a couple days after his birthday was over, and after talking to my Mum about it, that I shouldn't try to celebrate how he is used to celebrating, I should just celebrate how I know how. Jun doesn't know how to celebrate himself so I should just make a fuss about him and make him feel special, even if he doesn't give the type of reaction I expect lol. That way we all feel good. Next time!!

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