20 June 2014

Aila is 11 Months

Only 1 more month and our baby will be ONE! To think that this time last year I was in New Zealand getting ready to pop! Time sure does fly when you're having fun :D

Some new developments for this month:

She can say her own name! ...Sorta lol she will mimic me when I say her name and it sounds really close. Reia didn't really mimic me at all at the same age which goes to show that all babies are different. She also says mama mama when she wants me or is hungry.
Saying her own name

Second and third teeth are through! I thought she would have most of her teeth by now but I guess I was wrong. Her other front tooth is almost through so she bites on her fingers.

She still isn't too interested in real food but loves rice crackers! She only eats about a heaped tablespoon of baby food a day. She eats more when it's finger food and she can get her hands dirty and make a mess. Speaking of mess, she spat food at me for the first time this month -_-

She has curly hair which is long at the front and short at the back. The hair at the back looks like it has been neatly trimmed but it's all natural. I am interested to see what her hair will look like grown out. Reia's is straight up top and curly at the ends but it doesn't look like Aila will have  that. It is looking more like soft loose curls, but we'll see.

She waves her arms when she is frustrated and claps when she is happy! I have been thinking about whether I should start her on baby signing or not as she is already pretty easy to read. Maybe when she has trouble communicating to me what she wants. I am trying to start teaching her what "No" means as she is always pulling books and things down and tearing the place apart. She just smiles and laughs at me so it's not going so well haha. But she can understand when I say "uh uhh!" (another form of no), and "peh" (spit it out). We will work more on "no" this month.

She loves going outside on the deck and will make a beeline for my pot plants when the slide door is open. My poor tomato plant is on her hit list.

If you don't see Aila in the living room, she is probably playing by the front door, eating a shoe. She loves crawling down there and nibbling on shoes no matter how many times I try to stop her! I think it's because it's cooler down there and also she likes strappy things and will go for mine or Reia's sandals.

She can wave bye bye! The first time she did it was in the parking lot after we came home from church which surprised me as I hadn't actively tried teaching her that.

Not new but she is LOUD. A loud crier, laugher, squealer, rambler etc.

She pinches me and loves trying to rip off the mole on my neck :(

She is always trying to play with Reia's toys which Reia does not approve of. However, Reia has learnt that all she needs to do is substitue her toy with something else to distract Aila. Works every time lol.

She can pull herself up on things quite easily now and also figured out how to sit back down! She also  can stand for a couple seconds at a time before tumbling over. We play a game where we count down from 3 and will let go of her so she is standing by herself and she loves it. She will let go of me by herself! The longest was about 7 seconds. The first time she stood by herself, I don't think she was aware that she wasn't holding on to anything until she started losing her balance and then she started flailing her arms around lol.

She has become a handful to put to bed. I have given up feeding her to put her to sleep because it just energizes her and she will be up for another 3 hours! What has worked though is tv. I will flatten out our Japanese couch to make a bed and she'll watch, and eventually fall asleep by herself. Either that or I just let her cry it out while I try to get some shuteye! Reia will usually tell me she is sleepy and ready for bed but will change her mind once she is in bed by herself. *sigh* Sometimes I would just like them to be in bed by 10 so I can have a shower and watch a movie or something! But that's motherhood for ya.

Wouldn't crack a smile, but lovin' her "jinbei" outift!
All in all, another adventure with Aila our almost 1 year old :)


  1. Love it! Growing so fast baby girl -✌️����✨��������������������������❤️☀️��������

  2. You were loud too so she is gonna turn out fine��