28 May 2014

To Build (or Break) a Child

I loved this little post by handsfreemama. She talks about how damaging our words can be to our kids even though we have the best intentions. It is a good reminder to me to let the small things slide and love my girls for who they are and not what they do.

I have found lately that Reia is always wanting my attention when I am playing with Aila. Sometimes it can get frustrating as she is bigger and stronger and can sometimes hurt Aila unintentionally. For example, she knows that Aila likes to play under the blankets so she puts blankets and things over her head, covering her eyes. Of course Aila can't see and is left in the dark and will usually topple over and hit her head. Meanwhile, Reia thinks it's funny. My reactions to times like these could be better.

Sometimes I am just over saying the same thing over and over again that eventually I raise my voice or give her that disapproving look. Her face when I do this is full of hurt and regret. You can tell she only wants to please me and can't wait to make up and hug. As Mums, I guess we just assume that our kids know that we love them unconditionally. But how we react sometimes may not always reflect that.

A good reminder to be better.

"I love you just the way you are, exactly as you are."

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