19 May 2014

Pearls of Wisdom

I am writing this post because lately, my memory has been shocking and I don't want forget these pearls of wisdom!

Juns parents stayed over last night on their way to the Tokyo Temple. Then today after lunch, Jun's Mum and I had a good chat about health and how I want to eliminate sugar from my diet. The conversation lead to parenting and she told me from her own experience what she had learnt as a Mother. She spoke in Japanese, and if you've heard my Japanese you'll know it's not the best, BUT I understood what she was trying to say to me and I want to post it here so that I will never forget it.

She said that your children are always looking at the world from behind your back. They are always watching what we (their parents) are doing whether we think they are or not. If they see us cleaning up or serving others, they will think that cleaning up and serving others are good things. They learn from our example. She then shared an experience she had with Jun. When Jun was on his mission in Oakland, California, he sent them a letter. Inside it he wrote that growing up, he always saw his parents constantly doing things for others, going to church, the temple, firesides etc. They were always busy doing something for other people and Jun used to think, "Why can't they spend more time with their own children instead of helping others?" He didn't understand why they always gave their time away to other people. But when he was on his mission, there was a time when him and his companion contemplated about going to visit an elderly woman. That woman had been hoping for the missionaries to visit that day, and they came. She was ecstatic that they came and kept on thanking them over and over again. In that moment, Jun understood why his parents did what they did and why it was so important to serve others. Upon receiving that letter, Jun's Mum cried and cried because she was so happy that he felt that way. It was such a relief knowing that she hadn't screwed it up and that he had learnt from their example that doing good unto others is not only a nice thing to do, but is important. Jun is now that kind of person. He is always willing to help people and has such a big heart. 

So I guess what I want to remember is that my children are watching me and it is important to not tell them what to do, but to teach by example. I know that it sounds basic, but it hit me today that I need to be better. You can't force someone to do something, you can only show them the best way to do it and have them learn for themselves. So in areas like FHE, praying, scriptures, manners, sharing, being nice etc. I need to make sure that I am doing those things myself first.

Thanks Okaasan :)  

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