21 May 2014

Aila is 10 Months

Big things this month!

Her first tooth cut through! Her bottom left tooth (same as Reia). She was crying sooo much the night before and looked like she was in pain. I was exhausted and was at my breaking point. Luckily Jun came home and rescued both of us. But it was no wonder that she was so upset! She has been teething for months now but there was never a tooth. You could see it through her gums but it took so long to pop through! Even now it hasn't moved much since it first cut through. Her 2nd tooth is nearly out but hasn't cut yet.

She is slowly figuring out how to put herself to sleep! Finally I see some progress! One time I was lying on my stomach and she crawled on to my legs and fell asleep lol. To wake me up, however, she likes to slap my face and poke at my eyes for them to open haha. It definitely is more effective than an alarm clock!

She can crawl!! Her first time was when she went for a red plastic ball. She isn't that fast but when she want's to go super fast (which is still slow) she'll use one foot and one knee and scuttlte! Reia did that too :) Sometimes she stands on her hands and feet and props her bum into the air hehe. She has also started standing with the support of furniture and stuff! Our couch has no legs, so it is hard for her to prop herself upright on that. But give her a box or a table and she's good!

She likes being hand fed rather than spoon fed. I find I have more control that way as well. She has been really picky lately and I think it's because of a tummy bug. For a couple weeks now, she hasn't had a big appetite and has had diarrhea too. She seems to be fine but has all these symptoms that aren't going away :(  

She likes to play peekaboo behind the curtains. If I say, "Where's Aila?" she goes still with excitement and anticipates me pulling back the curtain. If I take too long, she'll try do it herself. She gives the biggest, warmest smile when she is found :) She also likes This Little Piggy, Ring Around the Rosy Like a Teddy Bear, and Pat-A-Cake. 

Loves having a bath. She will slowly make her way towards the bathroom to play on the Hello Kitty shower mat when I am not looking.

Now matter where I stick her, she manages to find a tissue and eat it, new or used. It amazes me.

When she smiles she scrunches up her nose >-<
Loves playing under blankets
Can pull her hair back in a ponytail
Recognizes Daddy and smiles
Loves watching TV and will scoot right up to it
She is slowly losing weight but not enough to give my arms a break! 

We love our 10 monther and will be treasuring our last 2 months with before she turns 1.

More next month!


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