07 April 2014

Sakura Season in Tokyo!

It is Cherry Blossom season in Tokyo right now! During this time, people love to visit places where there are lots of Sakura trees, sit underneath them and have a picnic together. Viewing the flowers is called "Hanami." 

There is a road in front of the Kunitachi Station (1 stop from us) that has about 300+ Sakura trees, and when they blossom all together, it is amazing!! I took Reia there when she was 8 months to get some shots of her, and this year, I did the same for Aila. We got there when the petals were falling and blowing all over the place which was so cool!

The last time I went there, there were people eating underneath the trees, but this year, no one was doing it. I though that was odd and questioned whether or not I should go under the trees to take photos... I decided to use my Gaijin (foreigner) card and went under anyway. I found out later from a friend that picnicking has been banned in Kunitachi. No wonder no one was under them! People must have been shaking their head at me, but I didn't see any of that because I was too busy capturing shots of my girls! Lol so glad I played that card!

 Aila loved rolling around on the floor and eating anything she could grab, which was grass and flowers. I snapped her munching on a dandelion.

All last week, whenever Reia would see Sakura, she would squeal "Popcorn!" No doubt coming from the Primary song, Popcorn Popping :) 


Reia also liked imitating Queen Elsa singing "Let it Go" but with Sakura petals instead of snow.

We also stopped for some Mister Donuts. Pon De Ring is our fav! Aila wanted a nibble but Reia wasn't having it.

And that was our Hanami for this year :)

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