20 April 2014

Aila is 9 Months

Only 3 more months until her first birthday. I hate knowing that I won't be able to remember all her little mannerisms while she is this age. But I do my best with these monthly updates!

The first big development, she can sit up from lying down all by herself! It wasn't too long after her 8 months update that she started doing this. I was in the kitchen getting lunch organized while she was rolling around on the floor, and the next time I looked at her, she was sitting up straight! I just missed her first time. Before that, she was always straining and complaining to prop herself up, but now she can!  I remember Reia's first time. She was in bed and had to lean all the way to the right, then to the front and then used her stomach muscles to help sit herself up straight. I was so amazed, lol.

Things with Aila have already gotten a lot more difficult, like changing her nappy and putting her to bed. Because she can sit up now she won't stay put! When I am changing her, I have to give her something to hold to distract her. When she is going to bed, she needs to be really tired otherwise she will just complain and sit and up and wait for me to come rescue her -_- She seldom puts herself to sleep anymore :( She is also teething and cries in pain which is hard for everyone as she is so LOUD and it takes her ages to settle again. I've got her wearing mittens or socks to sleep sometimes as she scratches her head and face when she's tired. And when she is finally ready to sleep, she will lie on her side until she is settled and then lie on her back for the night.

She is almost mobile, too. She can get on all fours and rock back and forth and also lunge for things. She rolls in one direction, sits up and rolls another direction. She has also started pulling herself up on the coffee table! She wanted a better look at what we were eating for dinner and just hoisted herself up one day. She is definitely proving to be more of a handful than Reia was lol.

She hasn't taken to food completely yet. Does not like to be spoon fed, but is OK if I use my finger instead of the spoon. She can use a straw now and loves sipping on water and spitting it right back out. I don't think she has any food allergies.

She is very hands on and will slap things (me!), pick things up and can pass things between hands. She can also pick up small little objects using her pincer grip so I am very aware of what is on the floor around her.

She is very good at finding the tissues! I often have to swipe it out from her mouth. Sometimes I'm too slow...

And just a few smaller points:
She loves tags and tabs or anything plastic.
Reia still makes her laugh like no-one else can.
Her fav song is probably Row-Row-Row your Boat. Her face lights up immediately whenever I sing it to her.
She sleeps on her back.
She weighs something like 10.7 kgs now
Claps when she is happy
She does this squinty face or closes her eyes when people smile at her. I wonder what she is trying to do lol

That is all this month!

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