21 March 2014

Aila is 8 Months

8 months down already. I feel like I only just wrote her 7 month update... 

Something that I have noticed and LOVED lately is that Aila will lean on my shoulder or chest now when she is sleepy! Believe it or not, she hasn't really done that in the past, with ME anyway, as she is used to falling asleep lying down and not being upright. I love it! Reia used to always lean on me and fall asleep but Aila doesn't so much. Only when we are at church and there is no other way to sleep. But sometimes, she will lie on my chest ^_____^ I didn't realize how much I had missed it until she fell asleep on my chest a few weeks ago!

Before she falls a sleeps she talks a lot. I think it is the cutest a thing, ESPECIALLY when she is half asleep and her eyes are closed. 

She is very aware. Especially of FOOD! She enjoys sipping on water out of a cup. She likes to feed herself and can pick up pieces with her pincer grip which I was surprised at! Or, if she's really hungis, she will just shove the food I'm holding into her mouth lol. Plunket suggests to work towards 3 meals a day, but we are still on one or two. So far, pumpkin and apple is the winner!

She developed a gunky eye this month which I think is due to a blocked tear duct. She rubs her eyes a lot and her eyelids are a bit puffy. But despite all, she is still a very happy girl.

Her hair is getting curlier at the ends and people always ask me if her ringlets are natural. Of course they are! Who brings a hot curling iron near their baby's face? She can put her hair up in a pony now :) I didn't realize how much hair she actually had because it's kind of curly. My friend said that she has the same hairstyle as a Japanese character called "Wakame Chan" because of her crew cut with curls on the side. 

I might have mentioned this in a previous post, but she is generally a happy, smiley baby EXCEPT for when she is tired, wants to be held, or has done poos. Then she will cry cry cryyy.

She can't crawl yet but she can roll and swivel to get where she wants to go! She can get herself from A to B no problem. It's more of the returning from B to A that she has to work on. She will often get stuck in a corner somewhere.

No teeth yet but I see tooth buds coming up! Bonjella has been my best friend during this period of teething. She also likes to make big bubbles with her saliva while saying ma-ma-ma, 
if that makes sense. 

We went to the doctors for a check up last week and Aila is 10.2 kgs! The Doctor was shocked to say the least! She is in the 98th percentile for her weight in NZ and in Japan, she is literally off the chart! She is welllll above the growth curve for her age. My little chunky monkey is growing fast (╯︵╰,) I was reminded yesterday after reading this blog post, that these are the best years of my life. So I am trying to be more patient/kinder to Reia, "enjoy" those wake ups with Aila in the middle of the night, and treasure all those small things about my two girls. I was looking at Reia this morning and I couldn't remember what she was like as a baby. I mean of course I know, but all those smaller details are fading away. I really wish I could've captured them all. Without the aid of photos and videos (and my blogging!), I would be at a loss!

She has developed a wee cold unfortunately which we are working through. We are also MOVING tomorrow into our brand new apartment!! Yaaaay! So our place is a mess at the moment. Hope to get everything sorted out quickly so we can get settled in.

That's all from us for now! More next month :)

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