20 February 2014

Aila is 7 Months

She's 7 months!

A few days after Aila turned 6 months, she started sitting up! She will topple over sometimes but she is slowly getting the hang of it. It all started at church when she was plonked in front of another baby about the same age as her. She usually just doubles over and grabs at her toes, but this time she wanted to get a good look at this other girl and she sat straight up! She wobbled around but would catch her balance so she could stay focused on her new friend lol. Since then, she has been doing pretty good!

She loves to poke her little pointy tongue out. She does it all the time now! She also likes it when I play peekaboo with my tongue. And by that I mean I just poke it out and stick it back in again. Flash backs of Kung Pow just came to mind. Aila will focus on the disappearing act and will try to imitate me.

She ROLLS all over the place. I'll look away for one second and she'll be almost out the door!

Her favourite "word" is atta! That word is on repeat right now.

Aila has been through her first snow and what a snow it was!! The most snow that Tokyo has seen in about 40 years or something. It was up to about 30 cm deep and the most snow I have ever seen! We had to shovel our way to church because the roads weren't cleared yet. Quite an experience to say the least! 

Everyday I'm shovelin'
Waiting patiently
We didn't go outside to play too much during the snow because it would snow all day and then it would rain. But during the fine periods we did go out and make a snowman! It turned out more like a penguin though. Can you tell I wasn't raised around snow?

Aila caught her first cold this month. It wasn't too bad, thankfully, just a cough and a runny nose. She will cough sometimes during the night but for her first time, she has been handling it very well. I keep her wrapped up and before she sleeps I give her a few drops of KiwiHerb's De-Stuff, apply baby Vicks to her feet and chest, and then for extra help during the night, and put a drop of DoTerra's Breath on her pillow! 

Aila is such a smiley little girl and I love how her face will light up when our eyes meet! Reia used to be like that but is now in that sassy stage :(

I love her chubbiness! Makes for cuddly cuddles and soft pillowy kisses xoxo


  1. "Everyday I'm shovelin'" hahaha

  2. Wonderful stories about your beautiful babies. Great photos of them too. :) We do get snow in North Texas. Just not everyday. A few short years ago, the temps dropped into single digits and we received 21 inches (53.3 cm) of snow in a 48 hour period. It was brutal. But, the kids and the dogs loved it. :)