16 January 2014

My Night with Channing Tatum...

I had a dream last night with Channing Tatum. Sorry Jun, but for one night, you didn't exist lol. But in my dream, I had our two girls with me and had just given birth to a third if that's any conciliation!

Channing was boarding at our house (a different house) for a while.  He had a lot of "guy stuff" in his room like figurines, guns, and knives. Kinda like a more decked out version of my brother's room. He and I weren't speaking because he had offended me or something at the mall, so it was very awkward at home. To make it up to me, he did something funny to make me laugh but I can't quite remember what it was. But we were OK and became a couple. One night, things went weird between us again and  I wasn't so sure about what we we anymore and he was getting very flirty with my sister. She didn't know about our history and I was fine with him moving on and her being with him, but later on, he came up to me and we made up. I remember feeling surprised, relieved, and very loved. I fell asleep.

Channing went back to his room, but for some reason, the neighbours had flood lights pointed at his window. He went to go close the curtains, but someone from that side had a megaphone and was saying that there was this new app apparently where a house is targeted and you have to round up as many people as you can to help you defend yourselves. Our house had been selected. The neighbour said to Channing that he had 1 minute to prepare himself. The numbers appeared on his TV screen and started counting down. He knew that everyone in the house was sleeping and that it was up to him to protect us as there was no way to call for help now. He pulled out all his guns and weapons and set up. The next morning, I woke up to a note that said something like, "Dani, last night I fought against these men that tried to hurt you and your family. They didn't get to you because I cut the wires to all of your rooms so they didn't know you were there. All of their bodies are in the boot of the car. I'm sorry I won't be there to be with you. I love you." All of a sudden, my whole world around me came crashing down. I didn't know exactly what had happened to him, but I imagined that he had fought like Liam Neeson from Taken against these bad men, and then at the very end, had sacrificed himself for us :( There was even a small golden memorial cross in the living room for him that magically appeared over night too. A very tragic ending to such a nice romantic dream lol! It continued on to me feeling so gutted and empty inside. Our friends then knocked on our door telling us that their house was next and asked us to go fight with them. You could also fight from your ipads and iphones, so that is what I did lol. You just tap on the bad guys a number of times for them to die. When I played, they weren't men though, they were dinosaurs... Maybe Channing fought with dinosaurs too?

My little romance with Channing Tatum ended with him sacrificing his life to protect me and my 3 girls! Waaaah! Thank you for saving us, Dream Channing. I will miss you very much <3

Is it weird that I now have the urge to watch every single movie of his?

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