14 December 2013

Aila is 5 Months

Aila rolled over for the first time this month! Not long after her 4th month mark, she started rolling over from tummy to back with the help of a pillow to lie on to begin with. She isn't rolling all over the place yet, but its a start. She is also trying to get mobile now, so she'll being her knees up to her chest and kind of face skid/squirm forward lol. So much fun watching her achieve her first goals in life! She is very textbook. I say this because every time I get my monthly updates from babycenter.com, she is for the most part right on pah with what is being said. I will get an update on how my baby might be developing and a week later, she is right on track! For example, raspberries. In my last update, the newsletter said that it is a good way to develop speech, I think, and she has been at that non stop for the past couple days. She is also very vocal and will just talk or laugh to herself. She falls asleep watching me exercise. Hmmm.... Not sure what to make of that yet.

Her laugh is so funny because her facials don't change at all, but the sound comes out. She is also very ticklish on her chest. Reia was ticklish on her lower back but didn't like being tickled there. She also finally found her thumb to suck on! Usually she would suck on her fist or fingers and make a slobbery mess, but she finally found her thumb! She has always hated the dummy and would chew on it rather than suck. I would rather she didn't make a habit of it though.
Her favorite game is definitely peekaboo with a blanket. She gets a rush from the wind, which can be a but too much sometimes, but when it's with a blanket she is a very happy girl. 
She has definitely grown since last month, weighing in at  9kg! Every week at church, I am told how much bigger she has grown since the last. I thought for sure that she would be my skinny Asian baby because she had the skinniest legs at birth and was so tiny looking even though her and Reia weighed pretty much the same weight. But that soon changed! I'm glad she has these chubby cheeks and chubby thighs. She is so much more cuddley :) 

What's amazing to me is how different every baby is born. They are each born with their own little personality! Even though I am raising my two girls pretty similarly, they are such different spirits. I used to think that a persons personality was the result of their upbringing in the home, which may be partly true. But what amazes me is what the child brings to the home first. I love watching my girls interact with each other and seeing their individuality shine through. 

Jun and his parents come to New Zealand from Japan next week! Exciting to be together again! We can finally have a Christmas in New Zealand in the summer time together with a REAL Christmas tree and daylight until 9 at night! Haven't had one if these since 2008 so I am loving it :) 

Merry Christmas from us!

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