20 October 2013

Aila is 3 Months

She is 3 months going on 1 year! Even though she is still only 3 months old, she has had a significant growth spurt and looks nearly 6 months. She is sooo chubby and bubbly. She definitely knows who is who in my family. I always greet her in my Mummy voice with "Aila〜 Hello〜!" And she perks up straight away and responds with a big smile! She hasn't quite been in stitches with laughter yet, but I have heard some pretty decent crack ups from her. And I'm not talking about the giggle, I'm talking about a real decent LAUGH! I think it was about this time that Reia had her first bout of giggles.

Aila loves tummy time a lot more than Reia and already has a lot of neck control, so I think that she will be crawling a lot earlier. She is growing out of the swaddling phase, has grown out of all her 3 month clothing and is wearing her 6 month stuff. She loves attention, but what baby doesn't! She wakes up still about once a night. I still think she is teething... but no real sign of a tooth, just a lot of drool. It just seems that whenever I apply bonjela, she calms right down so I think something is going on there. She had her 3 month immunizations shots and cried, but not for too long and calmed down by herself. I am hoping to her her 5 months done before we leave NZ so there is no confusion with the different immunization systems here and in Japan. Aila can sleep along time when it is dead quite, but can be pretty sensitive to noise so I have to separate Reia from her so she can can a decent sleep. All the YSA girls just love holding her :) which helps me a lot too! She has a lot of admirers ;)

She is pretty good with tummy time and can last a lot longer than Reia ever could! We is now about 7kg and 61cm long, head is 41cm which puts her above average near the 90 percentile somewhere. 

She can scream when she wants to! It takes a few minutes to calm her down, but what works for me is the ol' pat on the back and the Shhh in the ear. 

She is growing fantastically and is such a delight to be around :)

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