19 September 2013

Aila is 2 Months ^_^

My little baby is now an 8 weeker. We have found a rhythm to our daily routine and are doing great!
Reia can be two minds about her new sister. Sometimes she wants to hold Aila or mimick her, and other times she gets a bit jealous and when I'm attending to the baby's cries and will start crying herself. It is very hard to give each child equal amounts of attention! I still don't know how to balance them.

Before I had Aila, I was worried that I wouldn't love her as much as I did Reia because Reia was my whole world at that time. But then once I had Aila and we had bonded a bit, I started to worry about how I was going to spend more time with Reia and show her that I still love her the same amount if not more than before. I love them both to bits but at this point in time, Aila needs me to take care of her whereas Reia can kinda take care of herself now. I guess what I need to do is explain things more to Reia when I am taking care of her sister and help her feel more involved so that she can bond with Aila and eventually be best buddies!

One time, Aila was so tired but just couldn't settle down and so I let her cry it out for 15 minutes, she fell asleep, and since then she has been so much better at being by herself and putting herself to sleep! Sometimes she does need some help but it is such a big improvement. She recognizes the different people that hold her. I always say Helloooo to her and she will immediately perk up and start smiling as if to say hi back! She has also been cooing and gurgling a lot more and has found her voice a lot faster than Reia did. She is very strong and will hold her neck on her own when she is upright, but still needs work during tummy time. 
She sleeps for about 4 hours during the night which is fine with me, I'm not too tired. But every now and then, I need a big nap to get my energy back up. The Plunket nurse came yesterday and Aila is now 6.5 kg! She is filling out and is so cute. She looks a lot like Ric when she as a baby. We has also developed cradle cap on her scalp so I am soaking it with coconut oil and washing and brushing it out every other day. Her skin is a but dry, but so is all of ours, so I need to moisture her more often. 

Reia just finished her 3 day potty training boot camp! She did so well! I was a but nervous and unsure about starting, but she picked it up really fast and there is no going back. Day one she had a few accidents but with the potty in the room and our hot dog dance we did afterwards (thanks Micky Mouse!) she cottoned on. Day two was better and she had 2 half-out, half-in potty accidents. We took her nappy off and went to the park with a goal of making it back home without any accidents, and we did! We made sure to sit her on the potty before and after we got back. It was a success and I think she felt a sense of accomplishment. Day three, today, was even better! No accidents, two outings with no nappy on, both successful, and she started telling us that she needed to go by saying unchi instead of just gong by herself. This will help her tell us in the future when we are out doing something. Tomorrow we start with knickers! We still use nappies for naps and bedtime and will slowly phase them out once she wakes up dry a couple times. 

Spring is here and day light savings has started. It is already getting nice and warm and I can't wait to take my babies to the beach!

Reia and Aila are both growing into beautiful healthy girls. Couldn't be prouder or more in love with them :)


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