20 August 2013

Aila's 1st Month

Our second precious angel is now a month old :) She was such a tiny wee thing when she came out and has definitely put on the beef since then! Her face has filled out and bit and her features are much more prominent. When she came out she was all swollen and her left eye was all weepy, but all that has gone now. 

It has been so nice being home because of all the help that I get with the kids. Of course we miss Daddy every day, but in all seriousness, he works all day and doesn't get to come back home until about 8:30 at night and if I had stayed in Japan, I think I would be in a very different state O_O

The usual routine for Aila Dawn is wake up for the day around 9am which is when Reia wakes up anyway and which is also when I am ready to get out of bed after the interrupted sleep the night before. I will feed her and then give her to Mum, the lifesaver who will take over for a while while I organize Reia. And then we will exchange her back and forth until about dinner time. Pup gets home around then and she goes with him while I organize Reia for dinner and bed. Everyone has their own techniques with her that works for them.  Pup likes to swaddle her and pats her bum to calm her down. Mum likes to cradle her on her tummy which she seems to enjoy. I like her up on my shoulder and will shhh in her ear to calm her down. And that is pretty much it! We like to play pass the parcel with her which gives the grandparents ample bonding time, and me a lot of help and some rest! It is awesome :) Ericca helps heaps with Reia and takes her when I am catering to Aila and Stef helps out here and there too. I love our little team <3

At Aila's last weigh in, she was 4410 grams. 
She tracks things with her eyes.
She smiles, giggles, and coo's.
She wakes about 2 times a night and I get in about 6 hours of sleep.
She has a natural mini mohawk :)
She has already too big for the newborn size nappies and up one size.
When she is really tired, her eyes with roll back and her eyelids will flutter which is pretty crack up to watch.
Her eyebrows are starting to darken now, adding more to her little features.
She has cute little pointy ears compared to Reia's round ears, and a cute little chin! 
She doesn't have any Mongolian blue spots, unlike Reia.

She is developing wonderfully and I can't wait to see what she will look like in a couple years!

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  1. She has a natural mini mohawk that pulsates on its own.