06 July 2013

My 23 Month Old

Our little girl is growing up so fast. Only a month left before she becomes 2! She is seriously amazing and so so clever.

She has definitely picked up English very quickly since we have been here and has added quite a few new words to her word bank.
The latest ones are: hot, there she is, orange, come, coming, wait, eat, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, cat, mum, flower, goodnight, love you, sock, play dough, and... boobies.
In Japanese: nashi, jaa ne, mikan, hana, meme, mimi, kuchi, and hana (flower).
The latest songs are: do as I'm doing, head shoulders knees and toes, bingo, twinkle twinkle, fruit salad, goshushu no shu.

She looooves watching mickey mouse clubhouse and could sit and watch it all day. She is also interested in anpanman even though she has never warched that show. She is really into cooking now and will constantly be making fruit salad with bowls and fruit! Of course she sings the wiggles version as she goes, it's really cute.

She is also testing boundaries and will say her fav word "no" repeatidly to try and get her way but mummy doesn't give in to that sort of thing lol.

Potty trainig is slow. She doesn't mind going on the potty, the problem is that she doesn't tell me when she needs to go. Once that happens I'm hoping it'll click very quickly.

My fav moments with her have to be at bed time. She will curl up to me, hold my hand or lie on my hand just to be close to me awwwwww so cute!

She is growing up so fast, I can't keep up with all the changes!

Loving every bit of raising this munchkin :)

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