22 July 2013

Aila Dawn Makise - 20 July 2013

After a pretty dramatic and memorable delivery, we welcomed our second little princess, Aila Dawn Makise, to the world. Born on the 20th of July at 1:15pm, she came out at 3310g and 49cm long.

Her delivery was so quick and things happened so fast, I jotted down all the events when I was in hospital.
This is what I remember:

OK! So I had been getting some mild contractions throughout the night so I knew Saturday was the day! But they were all over the place and stayed 30 seconds long every 15-30 mins. Then they got down to 30 secs every 2-7 mins but as u know they need to be 1 min long. I had a shower when they got really sore and moaned and groaned for a bit and I think that was at 12pm? Then finally my 1 min long contraction came at 12:50ish so called the midwife and she asked if I thought I could handle anymore at home. I thought I could, so I stayed but called her again at 12:59 coz my family knew I birth fast and they wanted to go to the hospital. So they were hurrying to get things packed and wen they came to get me I could fully feel baby's head right there and I thought, uh oh I'm not gonna make it! But Pup reckoned I could so Ric and Mum scooped me up and helped me to the car coz my legs weren't working at all. Stef, Ric, and Reia took one car and Mum, Pup and I took the other and I was on my knees facing the boot and leaning over the back seat the whole way gripping on to anything I could get a hold of! Mum was next to me applying pressure and my dad was speeding to the hospital which is about 15 minutes away, but 10 if u drive super fast and use the bus lanes (whoops!). About half way there, I really start to feel baby's head crowning and really need to push but I realize I'm still in the car and try to resist! But my body takes over and I push like 3 small pushes and I'm yelling THE BABY IS COMING! I CAN FEEL HER HEAD!! I'M NOT GONNA MAKE IT! etc lol and then my body decides it really wants to push and Pup is saying we are at the last set of lights! And so I push and my waters break and Mum's yelling at him HER WATERS BROKE! And I could tell he was feeling the pressure to get us to the hospital in time. The last stretch seemed like the longest. Had to get through the ticket booth and I found out afterwards that we had to back track coz Pup took a wrong turn lol. We pull up to the emergency doors and by this time baby's head was fully crowning and I knew there was no way I would be able to get upstairs to the birthing suite. Pup takes off going to find a wheel chair but I know there's no point. Ric jumps out from the other car and runs inside to get help. Stef stays with Reia who has fallen asleep amidst the chaos. Ric said she ran upstairs telling everyone and anyone MY SISTER'S GIVING BIRTH IN THE CAR! The nurse behind the desk flipped a switch (Code Blue) and nurses ran out and followed Ric back downstairs. Meanwhile, it's just me and Mum in the car and baby's head is half way out and she asked me if I wanted to take my pants off. So we just ripped off my pants and baby was right there and not slowing down for anyone! I lay on the back seat, legs up, Mum was at the other end, and I felt this huge urge to push, but I don't. I resist and hold my breath! And my body just squeezed her out itself! This was around 1:15. Total pushing time was something ridiculous like 5-7 minutes! Mum had it in her mind that nurses would be there by then but they weren't so she was frazzled. And baby just slid out. Mum caught her and put her straight on my chest, but there was nothing to cover her with. Next thing ya know, doors open and the nurses swoop in and start wiping baby down. They cut the cord and take her away to make sure shes breathing okay. Even though I feel strangely calm and mostly relieved, I start shivering and shaking because of shock. So I get wrapped up and wheeled upstairs. I met my midwife on the way and she sussed out the rest. And that is how Aila Dawn entered the world! Next time I think I might just stay at home :)

After a bit of analysis, giving birth this time around wasn't that bad! Of course it hurt during contractions and the actual birth itself, but I think because my contractions during active labour were fairly spaced apart, they were manageable and I could rest in between which made it easier. Active labour was also shorter than last time so it was over and done with faster than I expected. I knew that it would be quick, but I didn't expect pushing time to be 5 minutes! When Aila came out, I remember feeling a huge sense of relief. All of that pressure was gone in an instant and I felt so relieved and relaxed! Something that was new though were the cramps afterwards. I had never had them before and I got them when I breastfed. They weren't too bad but I could definitely do without them. My body did go into shock afterwards which was funny. My mind was completely relaxed but my body was shivering and shaking and I couldn't stop it lol. I recovered faster than last time too which was nice. Overall, it was a good experience. If the next baby is delivered at home, Oma will be much more prepared :) 


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