26 June 2013

Week 36 of Baby Number Two

I can feel my face getting plumper by the day now. My belly has made quite some progress since I first arrived in NZ a month ago, which is good. At least I look pregnant now and not just fat lol.

I had a case of leg cramps the other week which was pretty painful! Usually I can catch it and stretch it out before it locks up, but I was asleep when it happened so I didn't make it. Man did it hurt! I've never had a cramp like that before where u can't do anything and have to wait for it to subside on it's own. What was worse was when it happened I was sleeping so when I woke up I was disorientated and didn't know which way to flex my toe. I think I might have flexed the wrong way and made it worse lol. I couldn't apply any pressure on it the whole day after that. My midwife suggested I snack on pumpkin seeds to help with that.

I had a baby brain moment yesterday which is pretty noteworthy on account of it being kind of embarrassing. I went to wash my face with facewash last night and as I was washing my face I noticed that the fruity scent of the soap smelled strangely familiar. Kind of like my hand soap by the sink... Lo and behold, I had just given myself a facial of antibacterial goodness. It probably even did my skin some good, but geez, you know you've lost it when you start washing your face with hand soap, or when you wash your face again because you aren't sure if imagined washing it 5 minutes ago or not. I used to have a pretty good memory and know where everything is, or remember small things like cooking rice and not forgetting that and then cook pasta as well. But now, I'm hopeless! Can't wait for the fog to lift so I can go back to washing my face with neutrogena face wash and not pamolive hand soap.

Last pregnancy I climbed up to 90kgs. I have just reached the 80kg mark so this pregnancy I am doing better, but I know if I hadn't stuffed my face with chocolate this past month I would probably still be in the 70's. Is it bad that I am relying on breastfeeding to help melt away the baby fat?

I just developed a cold this past week so I'm hoping to recover from it soon!
Reia is doing well and absolutely loves running around in the grass and terrorizing the cat. It is going to be bittersweet when we leave for Japan but is nice to know we can always visit.

Only 4 weeks to go!

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