13 June 2013

Pregnancy So Far (Week 34)

Not too long to go now! It's been a while and I thought I should do a quick update before I forget everything that's happened over this pregnancy.

Morning sickness was way worse then the first time! This time, I could barely walk, couldn't drink or eat anything, and couldn't even bare to be around Reia some times. It was really bad. I didn't go bathroom for almost 2 weeks because nothing was going into my system.
I walked to the doctors after I was starting to feel a little bit better and ended up bleeding. So that was the end of walking for a while. I lost a total of 10 kgs in 2 months which was kinda scary seeing myself deteriorate so quickly.
I finally got over morning sickness 2 months later and quickly gained back the 10 kgs I had lost lol. My Doctor was not impressed with me! But I eventually got better and could walk again so I resumed teaching hula, which was real good exercise for me too. My students were always so worried that I might give birth at any second because of the moves we were doing lol but I actually enjoyed the challenge.

From my pre-pregnancy weight, I have gained 5 kgs which isn't too bad! I gained 14 last time in total which wasn't too bad either, but this time I'm gonna see if I can keep it under 10. I really popped last time in the last 2 months so I am expecting that in the remaining 6 weeks, I'm really gonna be packing it on!
After all my early Drs appointments, I ended up with 3 due dates: July 23rd, 25th, and 28th. Reia's due date was the 28th of July as well and she ended up being born on the 2nd of August, so it's gonna be pretty close!

Apart from the morning sickness, this pregnancy has been pretty good! I haven't had that much discomfort in my hips this time around, I don't need to pee in the middle of the night, I don't have restless legs, I don't have bad reflux, I don't have insomnia, I'm not constipated, I can breathe just fine and am feeling pretty good overall! My last pregnancy was pretty good too I thought, but this time around its even better. Lets just hope that labour is too! This baby moves around constantly. Always wiggling around getting comfy. When Reia moved, she was big about it and would stretch and push a lot, but it wasn't constant. This baby doesn't have constant big movements, but is constantly moving nonetheless.
On the other hand, I am tired a lot in my 3rd trimester. With Reia, I had so much energy and would go on long walk, scrub the floors, and clean clean clean, but this time I find myself with little energy and just wanting to sleep! I am taking iron, but that doesn't seem to be helping much either.

Reia has grown so much so her last update. She is chatting away and is picking up everything around her. She is such a quick learner! On a whole, she is quite obedient, but I am still holding my breath for the "terrible twos." She knows a lot of words now and can understand a lot of what we are saying. Since being back in NZ, I can already see that she is forgetting Japanese which isn't good, but I am sure once we move back to Japan that she will pick it back up again.
She loves running around on the lawn outside, picking and throwing oranges from our tree, traumatizing the cat and exploring the world around her. She has adjusted really well to my family and is comfortable around them. She knows when she is tired and can put herself to sleep. She is quite independent and plays just fine by herself. She isn't so good with other kids as she just runs away and finds something to entertain herself. She likes Mickey Mouse and play dough at the moment. Its been fun to watch her watch English kids shows. She has only known Japanese ones which she loves, but with the English ones, she interacts with the characters when they ask questions and things which shows me that she comprehends whats going on. Some new Japanese words she has learnt are sugoi (sugos), tsumetai (tsumas), hana, meme, mimi, kuchi, nani, kore, and doko. The latest English words are cat, come, and car. I find that she says a lot of Japanese words, but understands more English, so if I were to ask her to do something in English, she will respond to me. If I ask in Japanese she won't click straight away, but she knows a lot of vocabulary. Still hasn't quite figured out that the two languages are separate, but that'll come later on.

I am interested to see how she will respond to a new baby. I think she might be a bit jealous at first, but hopefully she becomes accepting and the best big sis anyone could ask for!

Only 6 weeks to go. I feel like I haven't prepared enough for birth and am just hoping that everything will run smoothly like last time and that I won't have to worry much! My midwives are awesome and are very on to it so I know I'm in good hands. I am absolutely dreading the pain! Can't wait till its all over and this new baby girl is here! We are missing Daddy very much and can't wait till he comes in 6 weeks time!!!

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